TED Speaker Ben Saunders Aims to be the First


We wanted to share some exciting news about three-time TED speaker and LAI exclusive Ben Saunders.  

Next month Ben—who is a record-breaking polar explorer—will embark on the most ambitious adventure of his career. After his close friend died trying to make the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica, Ben has announced he is going finish the exploration planned by his friend and become the first person to complete this feat alone.

Ben is accepting engagements now for dates playing in and after February, when he will first be back on the circuit after his journey. His speeches use incredible personal anecdotes of mental and physical fatigue, run-ins with polar bears and more to hammer home themes of perseverance and determination. He’s a fantastic option for kick-offs or events with themes of meeting and exceeding audacious goals.

If you’re not familiar with Ben, I encourage you to watch his most famous TED talk, “Why Bother Leaving the House?”.

For more on Ben, or to check on fees and availability for 2018 events, please visit the speaker page or chat live with us now.

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