TED Speakers: Achieving Even Greater Results

TED Speakers

How do you motivate individuals or teams to push past barriers in order to achieve greater results than ever before? The two TED speakers below share funny, moving, and motivational takes on how groups can get energized and inspired to do their best.

World-record holding polar explorer Ben Saunders was the first man to successfully walk to the South Pole and back – 69 marathons back-to-back. His presentation is an awe-inspiring look at what it takes to get seemingly impossible things done in challenging environments. He touches on human dynamics under pressure and how to manage a team struggling for budget, and his stories are incredible (just wait till you hear his polar bear story). I appreciate how he talks not only about the journey to his goal but how to reconcile accomplishment with what’s next. Watch video.

Innovator, author, and problem-solver Mick Ebeling believes that nothing is impossible. He led a team that created one of TIME magazine’s “Top 50 Inventions” with little more than $70 of supplies. He then developed the world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic facility for children in Sudan, dropping the price of an arm from $15K to $100. He shows audiences how to recalibrate their thinking and demonstrates how anyone can use collaboration to push past barriers—believing that you should fully commit to your goals and then figure out how to accomplish them.

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