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The Circuit: Back To The Future

by Kate Burns
The Circuit Leading Authorities Keller Rinaudo Patrick Tucker Gretchen Carlson Larry Sabato Doug Holtz-Eakin

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

It’s finally starting to feel like fall outside, and our team is back to focusing on all things “future”—looking at what’s around the corner in business, society, on Capitol Hill, and even on the battlefield. Whether you’ve got a pumpkin patch trip or a wedding on your agenda this weekend, I hope you’ll find a minute to yourself to read some of these cool news items.

Like Amazon for Hospitals
Speaker Keller Rinaudo is the founder of Zipline, a revolutionary drone-based delivery system that gets life-saving medical supplies to people in need in remote places. Currently operating in Africa, and hoping to expand globally, Zipline just released this new video showcasing the impact their revolutionary technology is having on patients.


Darth Vader Never Thought of This
Futurist Patrick Tucker wrote an article this week about what the “future of warfare” will look like, and how the U.S. Government is already preparing to operate in that environment. He talks about a rise of super-empowered lone wolves, “troll armies,” urban warfare in “megacities” and more. The good news is the Army is getting way ahead of this change—creating small yet powerful teams that are capable of tackling these big challenges.

Time Will Tell
Our speakers made all sorts of predictions this week: Larry Sabato, of the UVA Center for Politics, wrote about why he thinks Democrats will remain a Senate minority until 2024. Meanwhile, economic and fiscal policy expert Doug Holtz-Eakin weighed in on the new jobs report—calling it “more drama than data.” Stay tuned. 


And—the Future of LAI!
If you missed the party at our brand new office last week, don’t worry—we have party pics. Click over to see what our new space looks like, and whether or not your friends made the trip to our new digs. And if you have any interest in stopping by for a tour, send me a note.

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