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The Circuit: Big Ideas

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

This has been a week where we've been bombarded by big ideas. From the Democratic debate stage to the Aspen Ideas Festival, high profile thought leaders have been presenting their insights and plans for public reaction. If you missed it, I've got some helpful recaps for you. Also, indulge me for a moment to toot the LAI horn *toot toot* as it was the week that marked the first time LAI Video brought home an Emmy. Yes! Those Emmy Awards! It has been an exciting start to summer. We are looking forward to doing more amazing things at events around the world and working with you!

Have a great weekend!


What's the Big Idea?

Big Ideas were on the agenda this week at the 15th annual Aspen Ideas Festival, where 12 of LAI’s speakers shared their expertise and inspiration with high-profile audiences. Thinkers and leaders such as Paul Ryan, Colin O’Brady, and Amy Walter all made appearances and tackled big questions—like “how can you build the perfect leader?” in this session with Jonathan Capehart. Check out this post to see all the events featuring our speakers in Aspen.

Mitch Joel- Future

Decoding the Future

Also on the agenda for next month, futurist and technologist Mitch Joel is taking the stage to disrupt disruption. At MAICON and the MarTech Conference this summer, he’ll be speaking on his newest topic, the future of digitization. Want to see his forward-thinking for yourself? Hear his predictions for Facebook’s next move: creating its own shared currency for its massive global community of users.


Game On!

Debate season is officially upon us! With the kickoff to the Democratic primary debates this week, the horserace has officially begun. Check out this quick read by Charlie Cook, covering a narrowed down “elite eight” prediction, how the Democratic candidates will fare against Trump, and a historically high forecasting for 2020 voter turnout. And can Google predict the 2020 Democratic race? CNN’s Chris Cillizza says we may figure out the nominee by looking into Google searches.


LAI Video Wins an Emmy

We are thrilled to announce that LAI Video has been recognized with an Emmy award. They were honored in the Program/Feature Segment in Politics and Government category for their work on the online political series, The Swamp. Check out more of their award-winning video and animation work on their website. Congratulations to the team!

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