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The Circuit: Birthday Edition

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

LEading Authorities' round  up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

This week we are celebrating one year of writing and delivering The Circuit. I hope you’ve been enjoying the fun bites, the serious intel, and the amazing stories that we get to read everyday from our incredible roster of speakers. This week is no exception. If you haven’t spent much time with The Circuit before, this week’s edition is a great opportunity to dig in. I think you’ll enjoy these pieces and find yourself talking about them for days to come.

What is … Word of Mouth?

In addition to becoming an answer on the iconic game show Jeopardy!, Wharton professor of marketing Jonah Berger discussed social media activism on a podcast last week. Discussing how social media savvy young people are, and how it’s affecting the bottom line of many businesses, he points out that social media allows companies to quickly understand consumer sentiment and respond in real time. Talking about how younger people are disproportionately represented in these kinds of conversations, Berger points out that brands need to pay attention. After all, the consumer lifetime value is much greater with this audience.


Move Over Soccer Moms, the “Roseanne Independents” are Making Waves

In a post outlining five political trends for 2018, Cook Political Report U.S. House Editor David Wasserman discusses why the so-called Roseanne viewers voted for Trump—and don’t care about Stormy Daniels. He also talks about why college-educated women are angry, and how important their voices are, and the galactic separation of the House and the Senate. Looking over Wasserman’s report, it’s starting to feel like November 2018 will be full of fireworks.


Now Playing at the Tribeca Film Festival

Founder of Combat Flip Flops and US Army captain Matthew Griffin is featured in a new documentary called Adventure Not War, debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. The film follows the story of three US Veterans traveling back into the mountains of Iraq on a mission to heal wounds and experience the country and culture outside of the shadow of war.


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