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The Circuit: Choices and Changes

by Kate Burns
Choices and Changes Image



This week Leading Authorities hosted our annual post-election outlook event with political and election analysts Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg. They talked a lot about how 2020 will be about electability and whether voters like the choices they are given. Two other speakers weighed in this week on the 2020 election and the changes in political news. Plus I’ve got a look at the generation that follows the Millennials into the workforce and how they will be impacting the way we work and live, and an inspiring outlook on life – choosing whether you live your life as a quitter, a climber, or a camper. Which one are you?
Enjoy your week – I hear the US is poised to break 170 records for cold weather over the next few days. Time to unpack the sweaters and light the fireplace!

Four ways the 2020 election could go

A year before the election, there are still multiple potential outcomes for 2020. But analyst Nathan Gonzales took on the challenge and laid out four different scenarios for the 2020 election, in order of their likelihood. Basing his analysis on voter behavior in past elections, foreseeable variables, and conversations with insider pollsters, he predicts that how voters feel about the economy and impeachment will decide which party will triumph in 2021.

Are you a quitter, a camper, or a climber?

World-class blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer sat down with Entrepreneur Middle East to discuss his journey to becoming the world’s first blind person to reach the summit of Mount Everest, but more importantly, to living a ‘no barriers life.’ In the interview, he touches on his “quitting, camping, and climbing” framework for success – that we must first understand which of these categories we fall under and then decide to challenge ourselves and grow, rather than “choosing to settle, to camp, to be stagnate.”

What Comes After the Millennials?

In a recent visit to our office, generational trend expert and author, Paul Taylor, shared his vision for Generation Z, or as he prefers to call it, the “mosaic generation.” Using compelling data, he describes the next cohort to come of age as extremely diverse in their demographics and values and more different than any generation in our history – believing “in the beauty of a mosaic where each individual piece retains his/her/their own identity.”  

Sunday news in the Digital Age

CBS News’ Margaret Brennan was interviewed yesterday by Deadline, discussing the evolution of news. As moderator of Face the Nation since last year, Margaret reflects on her past interviews, including with President Trump and Vice President Pence, how the impeachment inquiry has impacted televised news, and the role of Sunday shows in this hyper-partisan movement. She shares that despite the digital age and current “tornado of news,” the tradition of trying to listen to each other with context and perspective still lives on.

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