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The Circuit: Eagles or Pats?

by Kate Burns
Football Field 50 yard line

THe Circuit

leading authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

If the party gets silly (and you have leftover jalapenos) …
Have you heard about the latest challenge to benefit ALS Research? It’s called the #ALSPepperChallenge and CNN’s Jake Tapper just found himself on the receiving end of it, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel. Watch as Jake completes the challenge with Wolf Blitzer, and then challenges SuperBowl half-time performer Justin Timberlake to it next.

Tapper ALS Challenge

If the conversation turns to politics…
Tuesday marked President Trump’s first State of the Union address, and some of our favorite political analysts had plenty to say about it. Like Matt Dowd, Chief Political Analyst for NBC News, who met with President Trump in the Oval Office before he delivered his address. And Reid Wilson, The Hill’s National Correspondent, who felt the speech was missing a few things. Click to read what they—and three other speakers—had to say about the big speech.


If you’d rather be online shopping…
Maybe you should consider Amazon’s new brick and mortar stores. Tech and innovation speaker Mitch Joel just launched a new weekly segment with iHeartRadio. In the first installment, he talks about Amazon’s move to retail, and what their new stores are like.

Mitch Joel Amazon

If it gets deep…
Anjali Kumar, formerly of Warby Parker and Google, delivered a powerful speech at the TEDWomen conference in November. Earlier this week, the talk—which is about her journey to find God—was featured on the TED homepage. Watch as she talks through her “failed mission,” and shares what she found instead.

Anjali Kumar TED

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Inspire Speakers

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