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The Circuit: Grab Bag

by Kate Burns
Hand holding colorful bags

The Circuit
Leading Authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

Thumbing His Nose

“I’m worried. I’m really worried.”  Gov. Bill Richardson, former US envoy to N. Korea weighed in yesterday on America’s options in North Korea, describing Kim Jong-un’s actions as “thumbing his nose at the international community.”

Bill Richardson on North Korea

Why Do I Act Like That?
Why do we behave certain ways and can we affect the behavior of other people around us? Wharton professor Jonah Berger steps into the LAI studio to record a podcast on what innovative people do differently and how to create change in your organization.

Election Junkies!

This week the Cook Political Report announced rating updates that change the midterms landscape for Dems. While the blue column is climbing, the big picture is still pretty red. Check out the full view online

Charlie Cook Political Report

(Not) On the Beach
In bookstores August 22, Mick Dawson’s new book Battling the Ocean in a Rowboat is a thrilling ride through the Pacific as Dawson and his partner row more than 7,000 miles through the ocean battling hunger, fatigue, and monster storms. 


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