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The Circuit: Is It Too Early To Think About Thanksgiving?

by Kate Burns

The Circuit 

Leading authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit 

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving a lot this week. The weather just turned here, and I agreed to host this year's turkey dinner. I love to plan a good party, but here's the thing I dread: Conversations turning sour. Too much politics, too much finger pointing, and not enough fun.

If you've got a similar dinner sitch, this Circuit is for you. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to try to include some new, fascinating, different stories for you to cram in and change the conversation. While I DO have one political item this week, it's on the lighter side. Plus -- robots, stress, and something to plan now to look forward to after the holidays.

America (and Canada’s) Burning Issues


Our friend, Economist cartoonist Kal Kallaugher, recorded this video showing how he works out the political cartoons he produces for the magazine each week. Last week’s edition featured commentary on climate change and Canada’s legalization of marijuana. See how he puts the scene together  to convey his commentary on the connection of these two issues. Pretty cool!

Think Your Roomba is Adorable? You’re Not Alone


MIT researcher Kate Darling’s fascinating TED Talk was released this week. In just 11 minutes, she explains why we project life onto machines and name our Roombas, and why our behavior toward robots could have strong societal consequences in the future. She raises questions like, “Does kicking a robot dog make our kids more likely to kick a real dog?” (This is a great, non-political conversation starter for your Thanksgiving dinner!)

Advice from a SEAL

Rob O'Neill

We all have those moments when stress overwhelms and takes over. Former SEAL Team Six leader Rob O’Neill recently talked with Business Insider about how to handle high stress situations and keep moving through your objectives and your day. Key takeaway? There’s a fine line between fear and panic, and you always fare better if you keep your cool.

You’re Going to WANT To See This


Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Sekou Andrews perform and chat with him in our office. I’m so excited that he is going to participate in our INSPIRE conference in March. If you haven’t made your plans to join us for INSPIRE, you need to check your calendar, book your flight, and reserve your seat. You are not going to want to miss it. Here’s a little teaser on Sekou and what you’ll experience at Leading Authorities’ Day of Ideas. 

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