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The Circuit: Mom Is So Proud

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

leading authorities' round up of though leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

As we approach Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to share a few heartfelt stories behind some of the most successful presentations on the speaking circuit. These speakers surely make their mothers proud.

Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in your life!

Dream Big

“You can do or be anything.” That was the message instilled in Chris Gardner by his mother at a young age. Overcoming difficult circumstances and raising his own son during a stint of homelessness, Gardner went on to  fight for his dream and become very successful on Wall Street. The real-life inspiration behind the blockbuster The Pursuit of Happyness credits his mother Betty Jean with sparking his self-belief and ultimate success.


Cheers Mom!

Beginning at a young age, charity : water founder Scott Harrison found himself assuming the role of caregiver after his mother was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disorder. Being an only child, he worked hard at school and supported his family at home. At 18, he went the opposite direction, becoming a night club promoter. Dealing in excess and finding the lifestyle soulless, Harrison took another 180 degree turn and began volunteering in areas where water was scarce and often a health hazard. During one trip, the idea for charity : water was born. The revolutionary non-profit has gone on to provide clean water sources in thousands of rural areas, and Harrison credits his tough childhood, and his mom, with his work ethic and altruistic streak.


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