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The Circuit: Pack Those Bookbags

by Kate Burns
Back to School Edition 2019

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

As most kids are headed back to school this week or after Labor Day (like mine!) its time to pack up the book bags and lace up the shoes for another big year of learning. In the spirit of life-long learning, I’m sharing 4 new books with you from incredible thought leaders on topics ranging from how to identify market shifts to understanding the latest in technology. Time to study – it’s going to be a big year.

Have a great weekend – don’t forget to pack an apple for the teacher!

World’s Best Brain Trainer

Trevor Moawad Book

The son of a high school basketball coach, Trevor Moawad now works with CEOs, professional athletes, and top military personnel to provide a mental conditioning system that replaces negative thinking with neutral thinking. Out with a new book next February titled It Takes What It Takes, Moawad will share the keys to his program including how to embrace pressure and how language can be a predictor of performance. “You don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit…thinking like a Super Bowl-winning quarterback can help you win in all aspects of your life.”

Trust Me, It’s Technical


Trust, it’s the backbone, the underlying, driving force for the creation of blockchain technology. Tech futurist Samantha Radocchia wrote the book on it, literally. Out this week, Bitcoin Pizza explains the ways in which blockchain is going to change our daily lives and how we conduct transactions in the future. Earlier this week, she sat down with podcast Superinfluence to talk about her experience developing software for the supply chain space, the underlying geopolitical and socio-political shifts happening in today’s world and the lack of trust in institutions that have led to the development of this technology.

What’s Around the Corner?


Is the economy about to shift? In her new book, out in two weeks, business guru Rita McGrath helps leaders identify the inflection points that will help them see when the economy is about to change. One key indicator? When you start losing key people and/or you cannot recruit the kind of talent you’d like. If you aren’t exploring the next thing, you will lose talent and clients. In this video clip she shares why business graduates have ditched Wall Street for careers at Amazon and what that inflection point says about the future.

Tell Me More


In a memoir out this summer titled Truth Worth Telling, award-winning 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley penned story after story of the history he witnessed as a reporter over the years. From standing at the collapsing World Trade Center on 9/11 to sitting with presidents in private conversations, Pelley recounts some of the most meaningful events of our times and reflects on what they say about our culture and mean for our future. In a Washington Times review Pelley is called “a savvy political observer who knows the difference between pursuing a story and aggressively pushing an agenda,” and “a good citizen, a good man, and a good storyteller.”

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