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The Circuit: Past, Present, and Future

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

Leading authorities rounds up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

Happy Friday! We are still on Royal baby watch, the 2020 Democratic field now numbers 21, and today is National Pretzel Day! To add to that list, I've got 4 fun pieces from the speaking circuit including a podcast about failure that will motivate you to go big and some practical tips for thinking about the immediate future of tech. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great weekend!

Not Impossible Labs

When You’re at the Top of Your Game

Congratulations to the founder of Not Impossible labs, Mick Ebeling, who has been named to Fortune magazine’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” list. Coming in at #32 on the list of 50, Ebeling has been heralded for his unconventional approach to developing technology that dramatically improves its recipients’ quality of life.

SRO Podcast

When You’re in Over Your Head

Former Nike, Gatorade, and Flywheel executive Sarah Robb O’Hagan was featured on the #WeGotGoals podcast last week to talk about failure and how she uses the times she’s been knocked down the hardest to fuel her greatest successes. For a dose of hyper motivation, give the episode a listen, and learn why she recommends taking a stranger to lunch.

Mitch Joel Salad Bowl

When You’re Thinking About the Future

Will we stop typing into machines and just start doing all of our work by voice? President of Six Pixels Group and technology futurist Mitch Joel answers 3 questions about disruption and technology in our immediate future. Watch this fun piece, where he answers the question, “Amazon: Friend or Foe?” with an unexpected twist—plus, he reveals his pick for the piece of tech that will most impact the world in 2020.


When You are Nostalgic for the Past

Leading Authorities had the pleasure of producing an event recently that featured storied journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. In an incredible pairing (at The Watergate Hotel!) the two talked about the investigation that led to Nixon’s resignation and provided insights into the current political environment. The audience was hanging on every word and loved hearing the old friends banter on stage as they agreed, disagreed and shard stories.

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