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The Circuit: Prepping for the State of the Union

by Kate Burns
US Capitol at night

The Circuit
Leading Authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

We just checked my calendar for next week and was reminded that the State of the Union address is on Tuesday. In preparation, we're dedicating this edition of The Circuit to some of the personalities who will be following, analyzing, tweeting, and discussing the event well into February.

What’s New in the Twitterverse
If you haven’t updated who you follow on Twitter recently, get out your phone and do it now.  Here are a just a few of the “must-follow” twitter handles for the State of the Union:
@CillizzaCNN – CNN’s Chris Cillizza
@jaketapper – CNN Anchor, Jake Tapper
@DanaPerino – Fox News’ Dana Perino
@chucktodd – Moderator of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd
@ananavarro – CNN and ABC contributor, Ana Navarro
This is just a small list of the most insightful and entertaining handles out there. And check out our page, @LAISpeakers, for more great political analysts and pundits to follow. 

LAI Twitter SOTU

You Can’t Draw That
With the issue of gerrymandering in front of the Supreme Court and several state courts, US House editor for The Cook Political Report, David Wasserman, has been working on an amazing project that highlights what voter districts would look like if redrawn to maximize results for either party, or *gasp* to promote highly competitive elections. You’re definitely going to want to click through on this one – the interactive map allows you to go state by state to redraw the boundaries in multiple ways. If you want to geek out more, read his full article and analysis that details why it is so easy to condemn the practice of gerrymandering and yet such a complex problem to solve.

Wasserman Gerrymandering

This week, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart paid us a visit at LAI and mentioned the rise of Republican analysts who have turned “American Analysts” and are gaining popularity among both parties for their ability to call a spade a spade and just speak common sense. On his list of examples was MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace. With her new 4pm time slot, Wallace is speaking to the country from her desk at Deadline: White House. In a recent New York Times piece, Andy Lack, the chairman of NBC News, called her “a real reporter” who “gets information and perspective you wouldn’t find otherwise.” From the beginnings of her political career on the Republican campaign trail, Nicole now finds herself most often on air and on Twitter (@nicolledwallace). As she says, “This White House is the most extraordinary political story of my lifetime.”

Nicolle Wallace NYT

Fierce Determination
With Democrats planning to bring #MeToo victims and survivors to attend the State of the Union address, there is sure to be another resurgence of conversation around issues of harassment and abuse. LAI recently sat down with women’s activist and acclaimed journalist Gretchen Carlson to record a podcast where she talked with us about her experiences, the cultural shift happening, and the campaign she’s running to enact legislation that removes these kinds of cases from arbitration and gives women their voice back.

Gretchen Carlson Podcast

Fresh Inspiration
Make plans to hang with your LAI friends on February 23 for Inspire: A Leading Authorities Day of Ideas. We’ve got nine incredible speakers confirmed so far – check out the line up here!

Inspire Invite - 9 Speakers

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