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The Circuit: Something New

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit


Goodbye Mark

Many people have shared great stories and powerful lessons they’ve learned from Mark over the years, but I have 3 more to add. I’ll try my best to be brief.

Lesson #1: We Can Do That In many of my conversations with Mark, he’d ask me how much something was going to cost. When I would share prices or pricing models with him, he’d often say, “We should get into that business!” Mark had the heart of an entrepreneur and he also loved to be challenged. If anyone asked us to provide a service or offering we hadn’t thought about, he was often on-board and ready to try a new thing. One of the things I most enjoyed about working with Mark was his “We can do that!” approach to life, and his ongoing thirst for growth.

Lesson #2: What Will Be New? Mark loved events. And he loved a great event experience, especially if he was surprised by something new that he hadn’t thought of or experienced before. Whenever we worked on events together, he would ask me, “What will be new?” or “What will be different?” In the last few years, I’d taken to being secretive about it and letting him experience it at the event; he trusted me to deliver on some kind of wow factor, large or small. He’d always call me after the events and tell me they were a “homerun.” I know I’ll always be pushing myself to add something new or different to our events and I have Mark to thank for encouraging me to innovate.

Lesson #3: Go For It I love working for Leading Authorities and when you read why, I know you will be jealous: no red tape. If you have an idea here, it is a very short path to yes (or no). But often for me, the answer has been: Go for it. Mark hired smart, creative people who work hard. He wanted to try almost every new idea. So if you had a good one, it was both exciting and scary. On several occasions, Mark gave me the green light, a healthy budget, and more than enough room to fail, knowing there wasn’t much of a safety net. I also know he gave the same opportunity to a lot of my colleagues. It has been amazing to see what they’ve been able to do. This is why, without Mark, I know that we can continue to be successful, grow the business he started, and trust each other to innovate, take risks, and push LAI forward – because he’s trusted us to go for it, all along.


The Shot Heard Round the World

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian Rick Atkinson released a new book this week titled The British Are Coming. Called “splendidly written” by The New York Times and full of “high drama” by The Washington Post, the book is the first in a forthcoming trilogy that recounts the Revolutionary War. In an NPR podcast about the book this week, Atkinson shared lessons from America’s earliest days, including this one: “However difficult our difficulties today … we’ve had much more difficult periods in our national history, and we have survived it somehow.”


Feel the Music

What happens when a singer becomes deaf? Is it possible for her sing again? Write music? Perform? Founder of Not Impossible Labs Mick Ebeling took on the challenge of helping deaf people experience music by creating a wearable that creates the ability to “amplify” music in real-time. Check out the film they just released about their project and the impressive solution to a seemingly impossible problem.


How to Make Your Point

Do you still get butterflies when you have to get up in front of a group to present or pitch an idea? In a Business Insider article full of tips on ways to crush work presentations, behavioral economist Jeff Kreisler shares some insights on the prep process. High on the list? Be specific, and don’t drown the audience in statistics: “A single death is a tragedy, but a million deaths is a statistic.” In other words, create an emotional connection.

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