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The Circuit: Telling It Like It Is

by Kate Burns
Cherry Blossoms Washington Monument

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

The cherry blossoms are out in DC and it's finally starting to feel like spring. Change must be in the air because this week, we've heard from a bunch of speakers who are pulling back the curtain on their lives. From an honest look at life as a Marine, to career advice, to how to have difficult conversations that sow the seeds of change, these speakers are having real discussions in ways that are reaching people in personal ways. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a great weekend!


Doing the Right Thing in the Heat of the Moment

Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer was featured on the popular podcast ZeroBlog30 to talk about his harrowing story, life in a war zone, and the importance of leaning on friends when you are feeling down. The folks at ZeroBlog30 called this their “best episode ever” (that’s saying a lot!), so have a listen.


Getting More

A long-time advocate for mentorship, former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino shared one minute of advice with Entrepreneur magazine this week. She talks about how to get more and better advice from your mentor or anyone you aspire to be more like. (Hint: doing two things at once.)


Fun, Fab Moment in the Capitol

Earlier this week, Pulitzer-prize winning Washington Post journalist Jonathan Capehart hosted a conversation with the new “Fab Five” at the Library of Congress. They talked about the new season and pointedly address critical issues facing the LGBTQ community to a politically savvy audience. They also touched on how to have a hard, uncomfortable conversation when it needs to be had.

Inspire Recap 2019

Need a Little Pick Me Up?

Finally – if you were able to join us for Inspire and want a shot of the motivational mojo – check out our recaps! If you weren’t able to join us, check out what you missed – it was a great day of inspiring talks and topics that are going to be big in 2019.

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