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The Circuit: Thank A Veteran

by Kate Burns
Female Military Leaders

The Circuit

Leading authorities' round up of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

For the weekend of Veterans Day, may I point you to this list of inspiring female military speakers? They truly have incredible stories about overcoming adversity and destroying stereotypes. And, if you or someone you love is a veteran, here's a handy list of all the places you can get free meals and other perks on Sunday and Monday (hello free Starbucks!).

In addition, I've got a little politics (we're in for a bumpy ride), a new book, and a look at what's happening at Apple in this edition of The Circuit.

Have a great weekend!

Charlie & Stu 2018

A Tale of Two Countries

At our annual political outlook event yesterday, featuring top election analysts Charlie Cook and Stuart Rothenberg, Stu told the audience that he believes “Tuesday represented two elections which produced two different outcomes – given that we are really two different countries here.” See more in his recent Roll Call article where he goes on to talk about the races in 2020 and tells us all to prepare “for another bumpy ride.”

Ken Schmidt Book

When It Isn’t Going Well

Look at your business from a human level. “Any major turnaround that has ever happened in any business is a company learning to step back and look at itself from the perspective of a customer.” This is the core message of former director of communications for Harley-Davidson, Ken Schmidt. The guest of a recent podcast, Schmidt pulled some lessons from his new book Make Some Noise. He stresses the importance of social credibility and boils branding and marketing down, saying, “Every business and every person on the planet makes noise. What are people saying? What do we want them to say? What are we doing to make them say it?”

Zachary Karabell Economist

What Are You Getting When You Buy Apple?

“Is it an incredibly lucrative value company?” asked economist Zachary Karabell on Yahoo! Finance this week. On the heels of Apple falling from their $1 Trillion market cap ranking, Karabell talked about the confusion on what you get when you buy Apple stock and says it doesn’t follow the typical path of a tech company. Comparing the fruit to upscale brands like Tiffany, he poses the possibility of new breakthroughs and new market domination as the future strategy for Apple.

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