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The Circuit: The Hunt Is On

by Kate Burns
Easter Egg Hunt

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

As you get your (long?) weekend started, perhaps filled with egg hunts and chocolate, I've got a few gems for you to enjoy if you are traveling or maybe just killing a few minutes before it's time to leave the office. Starting with an incredible staff retreat, and ending with a simple explanation for a complex tech concept, I think you'll find something you can connect with and share over the holiday!

If you spot a big bunny with a basket of candy, be sure to be on your best behavior! Enjoy your weekend.

McChrystal Group Offsite

Intense Staff Retreat

Take a peek inside how the leadership consultancy The McChrystal Group focuses on team growth and development on a multi-day excursion. Building on the idea that a team is only as strong as the people that comprise it, their off-site focused on self-leadership, goal and value alignment, and committing to being 1% better.

Colin OBrady Arctic

Talk About a Never-Ending Snow

As the first person to complete a solo, unaided crossing of Antarctica, explorer Colin O’Brady knows what it is like to be tired of winter and “over” the snow. Yet he still tackled the “impossible.” Check out his journey and some incredible images from the 54 days he spent dragging all of his supplies on a 400 pound sled across 932 miles of snow and ice. If anyone is ready for a spring break, it’s got to be Colin!

Crum Empathetic Technology

Walk a Mile In Someone Else’s Shoes

Do you ask your Alexa about the weather? Or ask Siri to find the nearest coffee shop? How soon will it be before every device in our life is a “smart device?” Recently, at the conference Wired Health, neuroscientist and technologist Poppy Crum delivered a talk on “technology that knows what you are feeling.” From processing physical cues like dilated pupils and measuring the output levels of carbon monoxide, Crum says technology will soon be able to gauge emotions like fear, stress, excitement and frustration. She posits that this kind of data can be fed to caretakers, or individuals themselves, to improve quality of life. In addition, Crum and her colleagues are experimenting with tech simulations that give innovators a new perspective on inclusive design. By simulating arthritis or glaucoma, the team has new understandings and breakthroughs in designing empathic products.

Sam Questions from a Bowl

She is So Much Smarter Than Me

This one’s for anyone who has ever asked, “What is blockchain, anyway?” In a new video my team produced, Samantha Radocchia answers the question, “How would you explain blockchain to a kindergartner?” A blockchain pioneer and the co-founder of Chronicled, Inc., Radocchia paints a future where ownership could become a thing of the past and transparency in everything from health care to supply chain becomes the norm.

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