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The Circuit: The New Year is Coming!

by Kate Burns
The Circuit: The New Year is Coming!

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

Cheers to That!

Last minute gift? Check. Headed to a party? Check. Choosing a wine for the dinner you’re hosting? Check. Master Sommelier Alpana Singh just started posting her #12winesfortheholidays on Insta by proposing an affordable bubbly for New Year’s Eve. Plus, read through the full list for some more master-approved wine selections that will make you look good at every get-together this season.

This. Is. 2020. (Read in your best Barbara Walters voice)

Wait. It isn’t even 2019 yet? I know. But still. The political analysts are already full steam looking at the 2020 elections and making early comments. Cook Political Report house editor David Wasserman has already posted his 2020 House Ratings. In his initial analysis, Democrats have the edge, but he outlines enough toss up seats that could put either party in the majority. And, CNN’s Chris Cillizza just posted a new video where he runs through the 31 potential Democratic presidential primary candidates for 2020. For a fun (and overwhelming) look at that, check it out here.

Big Ideas for Next Year

This week, LinkedIn posted their “50 Ideas for 2019: What to Watch in the Year Ahead.” What made the list? Some obvious ones: It’s time for millennials to move over and make room for Gen Z, a slow in the economy, and less TV watching. But also some key messages on leadership, including Gen. Stan McChrystal’s perspective of how to lead in a “Me First” world. McChrystal warns that “leaders need to make decisions from a broader perspective and consider interdependencies,” which dovetails with Morgan Stanley managing director Carla Harris’ outlook. Harris said, “We were primarily led by ‘my way or the highway’ type leaders and that doesn’t work with this environment. I think you are going to see more leadership guidance on how to be more collaborative, how to spur innovation, how to teach people to fail and how to innovate.” Both warn leaders that now is the time to pivot before getting pushed out.

Let’s Make Plans!

What would the end of the year be without making some great plans for 2019? And I’ve got a great new reason for you to make plans with me! Just this week, we’ve announced that Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter John Ondrasik will be speaking and performing on the INSPIRE stage on March 8th in Washington, DC. In case you’ve missed it, INSPIRE is Leading Authorities day-long program of sharing amazing speakers, great event ideas, and lots of fun for professionals in the meetings and events business. Join me this year to see 10 inspiring speakers, including the man behind Five for Fighting, who will share his incredible personal story and sing some of your favorite songs.

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