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The Circuit: The Way We Behave

by Kate Burns

The Circuit

Leading Authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit 

Can you believe it is already the end of March? With spring around the corner we're looking at more nice days and more opportunities to socialize. This week's Circuit brings you several different looks at human behavior -- from attracting customers and influencers to measuring key indicators that would predict future health. Plus, I've got an inside look at the security concerns around the 2020 elections, and great advice for thinking about and planning your body language for that next important presentation or meeting.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend.


Our Unconscious Language

A must-listen podcast from renowned body language expert Mark Bowden addresses how people are judging you based on your behavior. He asks listeners to think about how they can purposefully adjust their behavior to get the results they are after and claims that often your body language is even more important than what you say. “If a snake is in your peripheral vision, do you jump first and then think ‘oh a snake!’ or do you think first? We react the same way with people. We start the behavior around our assumptions before we even recognize the behavior.”


Securing 2020

Morning Joe discussed the security of Presidential elections earlier this week and invited former Chief Security Officer of Facebook Alex Stamos to join the panel. Along with 2 others, Stamos wrote an op-ed talking about the need for preventing more election interference. According to Stamos, “The Russian playbook is out there. They played us in 2016…their playbook is now available to other adversaries. We can’t just worry about the Russians. We need to act now.

Poppy Crum SXSW

Connected Devices that Improve Medical Outcomes

Earlier this month at SXSW, chief scientist at Dolby Laboratories Poppy Crum shared how advancements in empathetic technology will profoundly change product design. She explained how the combination of AI and sensors can detect our feelings from thermal infrared, micro-posture, breath analysis, pupil dilation, chemical pheromone secretion, and voice analysis readings. These devices provide amazing potential, from advance detection of schizophrenia, MS, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease to driving personalized medicine and tailored treatment plans.  


Creating Weapons of Mass Attraction

ThinkAdvisor recently sat down with legendary former director of communication for Harley-Davidson Ken Schmidt to talk about his idea of Weapons of Mass Attraction. Encouraging companies to become “people magnets” Schmidt shared some of the lessons from his new book Make Some Noise: The Unconventional Road to Dominance. While the ThinkAdvisor article was largely addressed to financial firms, Schmidt’s advice is more universal: “people buy from you not the company. Visible passion is the magic elixir of everything. In the presence of the physically passionate, super-enthusiastic, joy-emitting person, 100% of humanity leans forward. People think, ‘I want some of that too.’”

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