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The Circuit: Working Hard

by Kate Burns
Road Work Ahead Sign

The Circuit

leading authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

This week, with the federal government finally back to work, it’s been an “all-hands-on-deck” mentality around the DC metro area. But after Super Bowl weekend, I expect all the regular office antics to be back in full force on Monday. So today, I’m sharing a few meatier anecdotes from the worlds of politics, cyber, corporate culture, and interpersonal communication that you can use to get some conversations back on track early next week. Enjoy your weekend!

Michael Morell Podcast

When it’s Time to Change Your Password (Again)

Former Director of the NSA Admiral Michael Rogers sat down with Former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell on his new podcast, “Intelligence Matters,” to discuss cyber-attacks on the US and the best methods of determent. “Just because someone comes at us via cyber doesn’t mean we should just respond in kind,” Rogers said. “But if you engage in these types of behaviors, we are prepared to use this as a potential response tool.” Rogers goes on to talk about the technical, security, and cultural challenges brought about by improvements in cyber capabilities and why the U.S.’s superiority in this area is not assured.

Charlie Cook Political Almanac

When Your BFF Gets a New Job

Congratulations to renowned political analyst Charlie Cook, who was named this week as co-author of the 2020 Almanac of American Politics! Of the publication, Cook said, “As a senior in high school I bought the first edition of the Almanac in 1972, as soon as it came out, and it has been my bible ever since.” He went on to call it the “go-to-place for an serious student of American politics.” Among the political insights and data it publishes, the 2020 Almanac plans to include voter registration data, redistricting maps, and complete profiles of the 50 governors and 535 Members of Congress.

Mark Bowden Body Language Expert

When Your Colleague Rolls Her Eyes

Is it true that 93% of all communication is non-verbal? Body language expert Mark Bowden answers this once and for all, and breaks down the difference between the emotional message and the informational message that you send to people through your words and your body language. He even puts percentage points on body language, words, and tone of voice. Find out how much your non-verbal communication really matters now.

Michele Gelfand Corporate Culture

When You Get Pulled Over For Speeding

Rule followers, huh? In an interview with every employer’s favorite job site, Glassdoor, cultural psychologist Michele Gelfand discusses the role cultures play in our personal lives, our corporate lives, and in society at large. She encourages job seekers and employers alike to consider the type of culture that works best for them (“tight” or “loose”) and seek out appropriate matches. She describes the positives and negatives of loose and tight cultures too—for example, loose cultures are more exploratory and open to taking risks, whereas tight cultures are more careful, efficient, and confident.

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