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The Four Faces of Leadership: External Leadership

by Whitney Sayce
Experts on External Leadership

Leadership takes many forms:

Which kind of leadership insights are you looking for at your next meeting or event? Leading Authorities represents experts in all four fields.

Below is a list of External Leadership Speakers (Dominating an Industry, Selling a Product).

Michael Duke
is former CEO of Walmart. He grew the retailer’s net income 27 percent in his first year despite the recession. From expanding internationally to leading a restructuring that prioritized e-commerce, technology, and innovation, he shares stories about growing a company while maintaining its values. He not only offers lessons learned from his time at the retailer but also helps audiences understand how to apply his takeaways to their own organizations.

Peter Guber is the former CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and Sony Pictures, the author of best-selling Tell To Win, and the producer for several box office hits. He empowers leaders to tap into their innate story telling ability and to use this skill to persuade others to act toward common goals. Many leaders avoid story. Yet, it’s the emotional power that counts. He shares his methodology of how to use story to overcome the three challenges facing leaders: fear, uncertainty, and change.

Lee Scott is the former president and CEO of Walmart. During his tenure, the company emerged as the world’s largest retailer. He shares insight into his leadership of Walmart and illustrates how businesses will need to adapt to the future. He focuses on leadership, corporate culture, global business, innovation, supply chain management, and sustainability and allows for an extensive Q&A session with the audience. His presentations are particularly engaging in an interview format.

Business Authors and Thought Leaders
Jonah Berger
is a best-selling author, Wharton professor, and expert on decision making, consumer behavior, word of mouth, and how products and ideas become popular. He looks at the science behind leading effective change. He offers audiences practical strategies for communicating in a way that encourages buy-in and drives results. He shares how to overcome reticence to change, how to avoid the “curse of knowledge,” how to craft messages and ideas that people will share.

Gary Hamel is a Thinkers50 thought leader on strategic management, the author of What Matters Now; and the most reprinted author in Harvard Business Review history. He looks at leading and thriving during uncertain times – the key of which is constant innovation. He explores where new business concepts come from and shares how to harness the imagination of every employee; develop new financial measures; and create vibrant internal markets for ideas, capital, and talent.

David Nour is a best-selling author and the thought leader on relationship economics – the quantifiable value of business relationships. He pioneered the idea that relationships are the greatest off balance sheet asset any organization possesses. He shares a systematic process to identify, build, nurture and leverage personal, functional and strategic relationships with a goal of helping audiences lead and fuel enterprise growth.

Jonathan Perelman is the vice president of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures and Google’s former global lead for industry relations. With the goal of generating word of mouth marketing at internet scale, he discusses how Buzzfeed has been able to grow by using branded content and telling memorable,  meaningful stories. He shows audiences how to look at different content, evaluate whether it is reaching the right people and triggering the right emotions, and create shareable content.

Ken Schmidt is the legendary former director of communications strategy at Harley-Davidson. He played an active role in one of the most celebrated turnarounds in corporate history. He shares how to create loyalists through storytelling that resonates emotionally and by humanizing the brand and what it stands for. He shows how to create meaningfully permanent relationships with customers, a passionate corporate culture, and leaders who inspire and motivate.

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