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The Orator: Showcase Special

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The orator

leading authorities' roundup of thought leadership, trends, and personalities on the speaking circuit

London Showcase

Hacking, business disruption, digital marketing and leadership are four of the major issues we face. We are delighted therefore to showcase speakers covering each of these topics at our free breakfast event in central London on 2 May. Do come along to see them and meet them.

The speakers are: Gavin Hewitt, former BBC Europe Editor; Jenny Radcliffe, people hacker and social engineer; Nick Seneca Jankel, innovation and leadership expert and Alex Hunter, former head of Digital Marketing at Virgin Group.

We will be in the Devon Suite at the Grand Connaught Rooms, 61 - 65 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5DA from 8.00am on Wednesday 2 May.


Each will speak for 15 minutes before taking questions. Gavin will kick off at 8.30am, discussing The Age of Disruption; how it poses challenges for society and business, how changes in the world of work are feeding into anti-establishment politics; how Trump sets out to be a ‘wrecking ball’ President and how Brexit—whatever happens—will mean upheaval. He will provide insight into what these issues mean for your industry, your business and clients, as well as society as a whole.


Jenny Radcliffe will be revealing the “Confessions of a People Hacker”. Jenny describes how “social engineering”— the “human element of security”—can be a huge threat to organisations of all sizes. She will set out how that same knowledge is a valuable tool for business executives and security professionals working to prevent attacks, scams, and cons.

Next up will be Nick who will cover: Born to Transform: the Science and Wisdom That Drives Transformation. Nick develops original ideas and tools to ensure organizations and their leaders can metabolize change and turn it into exponential value and impact. Nick is not simply interested in what the future holds but how we can all forge a thriving future with conscious leadership and innovation. For a taste of Nick’s content, please see his keynote speaker show reel and his new footage on The Future of Leadership.


Alex Hunter will be next up with: “The Art & Science of Wow! – Great Customer Experience in a Digital Age”. As well as overseeing Virgin brand’s global digital strategy in its entirety—a massive success in the US—he was also responsible for Sir Richard Branson’s personal digital strategy. He describes how to generate loyalty based on emotion.

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