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Three Top American Speakers in Europe

by Maddie Donnelly
Popular American Speakers
We wanted to let you know that three of our most popular U.S. speakers will be in Europe this summer. While they’re here, they are offering their insight and expertise speaking for reduced fees:
Gen. John Allen : former Head of NATO Forces in Afghanistan; first American appointed by President Obama to lead the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL
Recently called “one of the best speakers we have had in 20 years” by an audience of CEOs, Allen’s talk on geopolitical megatrends—coupled with his ability to assess hot spots, threats, and opportunities around the world —make him a great choice for high-level executives looking to learn more about emerging markets and threats. [WATCH VIDEO]
Rita McGrath: Acclaimed business strategist and best-selling business author, Columbia Business School professor of management
Named one of the top 10 business thinkers by the Thinkers50 Global Management Awards in 2013 and 2015, McGrath is a champion of the “new path to winning.” According to McGrath, to succeed in the 21st century, companies need to capture opportunities fast, exploit them decisively, and move on quickly once they’re exhausted. Thought-provoking and incredibly insightful, McGrath is tapped by the world’s biggest brands to stay on top of the latest business trends. [WATCH VIDEO]
Jim Donald: Former CEO of Starbucks, Haggen Food & Pharmacy, and Extended Stay Hotels
Famed as a turnaround king, Donald earned a reputation for helping financially failing companies get back on solid footing and was named one of the “Top 25 CEOs in the World” by The Best Practice Institute. In addition to leading Extended Stay Hotels after bankruptcy filings, Donald led Starbucks from 2005-2008 when it experienced some of the company’s most rapid growth to date. He talks about business strategies and “super-marketing.”
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