Top 10 Reasons to Use an Independent Production Company

People at a conference

Are you using hotel A/V for your meeting? There’s a better way! There are several great reasons to look to LAI Live instead:

  1. Technicians who are trained and certified in their respective disciplines. Hotel A/V technicians are jacks-of-all-trades who may not have the expertise necessary to handle your needs seamlessly.
  2. No commissions paid back to the hotel (thus inflating the end price). LAI Live utilizes a competitive pricing model.
  3. LAI Live acts as your partner across all of your events, bringing cohesiveness to staffing, staging, design, flow, graphics, signage, music, and other details specific to your organization.
  4. Newer/higher-end equipment across the board. LAI Live utilizes the best-of-the-best for your event. In-house A/V companies typically use equipment that will work more generally but may not be optimized to your event needs.
  5. Creative solutions to your meeting production needs. In-house A/V companies will sell you what they have on-site first, regardless of whether it fits with your event’s goals. LAI Live designs the A/V based on the show – not the show based on what A/V is available.
  6. A willingness by all staff to go above and beyond to ensure they remain your partner. At LAI Live, your event is not a one-off to us. We are committed to being your partner across events, across years.
  7. Designs based on your needs not what is easy. At LAI Live we love a challenge and pride ourselves on being able to creatively approach your event’s needs in any environment.
  8. Dedicated production manager and technical director solely committed to your show. In most cases, an in-house A/V company does not provide a committed person on-site. At LAI Live, during your show, you have our full attention.
  9. Consistency from year to year despite all other variables. LAI Live grows with you and your events. We learn the details that are important to you and we design and produce the event around them – making the space work for you, instead of the other way around.
  10. If the in-house A/V was that great, there would be no need for outside production companies.

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