Top-Booked Speakers Who Motivate & Inspire

Here is a list of amazing speakers who motivate and inspire through their incredible personal stories. They get audiences fired up, put challenges into perspective, and set a positive, can-do tone for your event. They are some of our best and are known for their compelling and engaging energy on stage. 

  • Robert O’Neill, Former SEAL Team Six team leader and best-selling author who shares his mantra and message to “Never quit”
  • Ben Saunders, TED Talk speaker and record-holding polar explorer who focuses on achieving the impossible
  • Joby Ogwyn, Legendary wing-suit pilot who talks fully committing to a goal
  • Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient and best-selling author on seizing opportunity
  • Ken Schmidt, Former director of communications at Harley Davidson who motivates through the power of stories
  • Susan O’Malley, Former head of The Washington Wizards and Capitals who shares life and leadership lessons
  • Erik Weihenmayer, Blind world-class adventurer who shows audiences how to lead a “no barriers life”
  • Michael Durant, Real-life inspiration behind the film, Black Hawk Down, and keynote speaker focusing on overcoming adversity
  • Amy Purdy, Amputee, Olympian, and best-selling author on pushing past limits

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