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Looking to expand your knowledge on what it means to live a healthy life? To forecast the future of the wellness? Rightly so, healthcare and wellness is an expanding industry with many specialties. Leading Authorities has been working hard to find cutting-edge speakers who represent each vertical of today's healthcare environment. From technology's role in our healthcare system to how eating well can change a life, the concept of what it means to be healthy runs the gambit. 

See our list below of healthcare speakers from diverse disciplines who expertly convey their knowledge! Take a look:


  • Poppy Crum, Stanford University Adjunct Professor, Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories, Neuroscientist, and Technologist who unlocks the ways new technologies will rapidly change healthcare.
  • Keller Rinaudo, CEO and co-founder of Zipline who draws from his first-hand experiences on how automation, AI, and drones will dramatically transform the healthcare industry.
  • Anna Young, CEO of MakerHealth, TEDMED Speaker, & MIT Lecturer who shares her insights on innovation taking place in hospitals across the country.
  • Dr. Daniel Kraft, Physician, Scientist, and Repeat TED Speaker who examines the role technologies like regenerative medicine and wearable devices have in revolutionizing the way we practice medicine.
  • Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs, Two-Time Winner of SXSW Innovation Award, and Author who moves audiences with emotional stories of using technology to assist ALS patients, Sudanese amputees, and more.


  • William Li, Food, Health, and Disease Expert and Founder of Angiogenesis Foundation who provides revolutionary theories of disease prevention through the power of eating right.
  • Dean Ornish, Renowned Health, Diet, and Nutrition Expert who draws on his extensive research to promote lifestyle changes that can reverse disease.
  • Dr. Sampson Davis, Emergency Physician and Best-Selling Author who shares a doctor’s perspective on preventative measures to defeat health issues.
  • Dr. Holly Atkinson, Senior On-Air Medical Correspondent and Chief of Medical Affairs for HealthiNation helps audiences unlock the keys to optimal health.


  • Gregory Wasson, Former President and CEO of Walgreens who shares an insider’s viewpoint into the state of healthcare today, how to improve the system, and opportunities within the market.
  • Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Professor of Clinical Medicine and Expert on Decision-Making and How People Think who gets inside the diagnostician’s mind and provides his take on the powerful influence society has on how doctor’s think.
  • Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent who delivers an accurate and understandable explanation of health care reform and health communication.
  • Dr. Zeev Neuwirth, Senior Medical Director of Population Health for Atrium Health who humanizes healthcare and provides a roadmap for thriving in today’s market.


  • Ronald Brownstein, CNN senior political analyst and The Atlantic senior editor who draws on his experience covering heath care debates since the 1990's and shares behind the scenes insights.
  • Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and economic and fiscal policy expert who candidly discusses the cost of healthcare reform.
  • Nancy-Ann DeParle, former White House deputy chief of staff for policy and expert on healthcare & regulatory issues who covers all angles of healthcare – from Congress to patient care.
  • Elizabeth Cohen, CNN senior medical correspondent who delivers an accurate and understandable explanation of health care reform and health communication.
  • Steve Beshear, former Democratic Governor of Kentucky (2007-2015), who shares his experience implementing the ACA and Medicaid in Kentucky as well as his take on what the future holds for U.S. healthcare.
  • Stuart Altman, economist and health policy expert who shares health policy insights from his experience as adviser to five different U.S. presidential administrations


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