Top Speakers Covering The Most Popular Topics

Grid view of 7 popular speakers

Still looking for a speaker for your annual meeting? These are four big topics that have come up a lot recently with our clients:

Disrupting your own business: How to take a proactive approach to innovation rather than racing to keep up with game-changers around you.

  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan: Sarah is the CEO of Flywheel Sports and the former President of Equinox, global President of Gatorade, and a Nike GM. She’s known for her ability to transform brands from the inside-out to increase efficiency and profit.
  • Rita McGrath: Rita is a critically-acclaimed author and an Associate Professor at Columbia Business School. In presentations, she talks about creating an innovation pipeline plus how certain counter-intuitive strategies are actually making businesses more nimble.

Speakers on operating in the Trump environment: What you need to know when it comes to navigating the new politics and policies taking hold in DC.

  • Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski: Joe and Mika are able to discuss President Trump’s style—why he loves being underestimated, how he views his allies and enemies—and his agenda. They argue that if you step back from the chaos, you see trend lines emerging that hint at the core of his vision.

Smart cities: Urban capitals around the world are being transformed by intelligent, data-based management systems.

  • Mike Steep talks about technologies making urban areas more secure, efficient, and health conscious. He’s a sitting member of the Smart City London Board, the SVP of Global Business Operations at PARC, a visiting scholar at Stanford University, a contributing editor to Forbes.

Fintech: Financial technology is shaking up the way money changes hands across the globe.

  • Paul Zikopoulos: Paul is VP of Big Data Analytics at IBM and a future trends expert. In high-energy interactive presentations, he helps executives uncover new ways to leap-frog the competition with a tailored look at their current and prospective business models.
  • Jon Steinberg: Jon is the CEO of Cheddar, the revolutionary video-based financial news platform. The former COO of Buzzfeed, he talks about covering the innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives.

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