Top Speakers On Cyber Security

In the wake of recent hacks and the national attention cyber security has been getting, many clients have asked for speaker recommendations to help them better understand the threats and what they should be doing to protect themselves online. Here is our list of top cyber security experts to speak at an upcoming event or meeting that we've compiled for our clients.

Matt Olsen is the former director of the National Counter terrorism Center and a former top official at the NSA and the Justice Department. He discusses the myriad cyber threats companies face and the government’s capabilities and limitations, as well as ways organizations can protect themselves.

General Michael Hayden served as the director of both the CIA and the NSA. He looks at the differences between physical and cyber security – monitoring what’s going out (cyber) versus what’s coming in (physical), balancing protection with privacy, and how the private sector can help.

Lieutenant General Michael Flynn is the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He discusses the strategic and technical aspects of cyber security, outlines our capacity and capability challenges, and discusses what organizations should do when they see a breach.

Michael Morell is the former deputy director – and twice acting director – of the CIA He focuses on the data security, corporate espionage, and intellectual property hot spots around the world, believing our national security is more dependent on our economic strength than anything else.

Joel Brenner is our nation’s former national counterintelligence (CI) executive and the author of the book, America the Vulnerable. He shares a practical approach to this complex issue – decide what you must protect, segment network access, define the network, and make someone responsible for it.

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