Top Speakers On Cyber Security

Top Speakers on Cyber Security

In the wake of recent hacks and the national attention cyber security has been getting, many clients have asked for speaker recommendations to help them better understand the threats and what they should be doing to protect themselves online. Here is our list of top cyber security experts to speak at an upcoming event or meeting that we've compiled for our clients:


Former CISO at Twitter and former Head of Security at Mozilla

For the past 15 years, Michael Coates has led information security for some of the world’s biggest brands. He was most recently the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Twitter, where he worked to protect nearly 300 million users and was responsible for securing Twitter systems and user data. In speeches, Coates breaks down the massive interconnection of different technologies, the explosion of data we’ve seen, and time to market drivers, Coates provides strategies for securing our systems and data. Plus, he evaluates controversial security stances, lays out the hard realities, and shares his realistic but optimistic view of securing the future of technology.


Former Director of National Intelligence

One of the most experienced intelligence speakers currently on the circuit, Director Clapper, having retired earlier this year, delivers insights into geopolitics and security draws on his very recent position at the top of the government. Director Clapper was in fact the man who delivered President Obama’s daily intelligence briefing each morning for the past 7 years. Clapper draws on his 50 plus years of military and intelligence experience to discuss everything from the risks businesses face in an increasingly-digital world to the likely evolution of America’s geopolitical relationships and how the role cyber attacks will play in future conflicts.


Former Chief of Security at Facebook, former Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo, and Professor at Stanford

During Stamos’ time at Facebook, he led the company’s investigation into manipulation of the 2016 US election and helped pioneer several successful protections against these new classes of abuse. The New York Times said through that work he became known for his role as a “strong advocate inside [Facebook] for investigating and disclosing Russian activity on Facebook.”  Stamos talks about his time at Facebook and lessons learned. Plus, he helps groups think through questions around safeguarding information and infrastructure, building a trustworthy company, and what ‘information warfare’ means in 2019.


Former National Counterintelligence Executive and Author of America the Vulnerable

Our nation’s former national counterintelligence (CI) executive and the author of the book, America the Vulnerable. He shares a practical approach to this complex issue – decide what you must protect, segment network access, define the network, and make someone responsible for it.


One of the Most Successful Cyber Security Law Enforcement Officials of All Time and the Former FBI Special Agent Who Took on Anonymous and Silk Road

Former FBI agent Chris Tarbell is one of the most successful cyber security law enforcement officials of all time. He was apart of the team that infiltrated and brought down the notorious Silk Road, and uses his extensive expertise to provide insights on how to protect assets online, fight proactively against cyber threats, and manage shifting security challenges. His hair-raising stories also detail the nine months he spent living and working undercover with the world’s most notorious hackers from organizations like Anonymous.


Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Former Director of the National Security Agency

Served as the director of both the CIA and the NSA. He looks at the differences between physical and cyber security – monitoring what’s going out (cyber) versus what’s coming in (physical), balancing protection with privacy, and how the private sector can help.


Former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center

The former director of the National Counter terrorism Center and a former top official at the NSA and the Justice Department. He discusses the myriad cyber threats companies face and the government’s capabilities and limitations, as well as ways organizations can protect themselves.


30-Year National Security Leader, Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

One of the most accomplished leaders in the history of national security, Sue M. Gordon is the former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (PDDNI) – the country’s number two ranking intelligence official. As the fifth PDDNI, she co-led the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and oversaw the entire Intelligence Community (IC), comprised of over a dozen agencies that collect information on threats against the United States.


Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA Digital Innovation

With over 30 years of federal service, Sean Roche is the former Associate Deputy Director of CIA’s Digital Innovation directorate – the CIA’s first new directorate in more than 50 years. As the second in command, he was responsible for providing solutions to some of the most vexing problems to the President, modernizing and accelerating innovation across the entire agency with cutting-edge technologies and cyber intelligence.


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