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It’s safe to say cyber security will remain one of the big concerns of lawmakers, intelligence officials, and business leaders nationwide over the coming years. As our virtual presence continues to grow during this time apart, so do our security risks. More and more groups have been requesting a list of experts who can help them identify the risks and deliver tangible recommendations for improving their processes and security. These cybersecurity speakers' unparalleled expertise encompasses not only the intricacies of cyber threats but also harnessing the potential rewards of harnessing artificial intelligence to protect your organization.

We have several recommendations for expert speakers who can deliver talks on all aspects of cyber security and even conduct “live hacks” during their presentations.

Speakers on Data Breaches and Hackers

  • Michael Coates: Former Chief Information Security Officer at Twitter and former head of Security at Mozilla Michael Coates worked to protect hundred of millions of people worldwide securing internal systems and user data. Coates draws on his first-hand experience securing some of the world’s most complex networks to bring to light the threats that exist and provide a roadmap for securing the future of technology.
  •  Jenny Radcliffe: People Hacker and Social Engineer Jenny Radcliffe bridges the gap between human and cyber security, using a combination of anecdotes, science, and humor to share lessons that help audiences understand and protect against their own vulnerabilities.
  • Sean Roche: Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA’s Digital Information Directorate Sean Roche delivers high-energy, often funny, presentations that provide an actionable framework for organizations to enact more secure processes and overcome threats now and in the future.
  • Alex Stamos: Alex Stamos is the former Chief of Security at Facebook and currently advising Zoom on enhancing its security capabilities. Stamos’ experience-driven insights from his time at Facebook and Yahoo shed light on the current threat landscape and what can be done to fight back.
  • Chris Tarbell: A former FBI Special Agent, Chris shares the shocking story of how he infiltrated the Anonymous group and led the arrest of two of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace. 
  • Greg Williams: Editor-in-Chief of WIRED Magazine, Greg Williams examines emerging threats from hackers, criminals and foreign actors and defines the hazards of the future – from biology to satellites – that every individual and organization needs to be aware of.
  • Rachel Wilson: The head of data security and infrastructure risk at Morgan Stanley and a former NSA senior executive, Wilson is a renowned cyber expert who brings decades of public and private expertise to advise individuals, corporations, and institutions on cybersecurity best practices and strategies. 
  • Rachel Tobac: An ethical hacker and the CEO of SocialProof Security, Rachel Tobac helps organizations and individuals keep their data safe by training and pen-testing them on social engineering risks. 

Speakers on Technical Security

  • Andy EllisCyber Security Advisor, Expert in Risk Decision Making, and Former CSO at Akamai, Andy Ellis is a 2021 inductee into the CSO Hall of Fame who shares his expert insights on internet safety and security governance while teaching audiences how to protect their organizations by identifying hidden factors that influence our risk choices.
  • Peiter "Mudge" Zatko: Cybersecurity Luminary; Leadership and Executive Roles at Stripe, Twitter, Google, and the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Bruce Schneier: Security Technologist and best-selling author Bruce Schneier captivates audiences with his candor, security know-how, and lucid analysis of our networked world, sharing strategies to enjoy the benefits of technology without falling prey to its insecurity.
  • Paul Zikopoulos: Paul is the VP of Big Data Analytics for IBM. Known for his belief that “If you’re not paying for it, you are the product,” he talks about the future of privacy and analytic architecture.
  • Scott Klososky: A futurist and former CEO of three tech startups, Klososky focuses on the cyber security trends that will shape business strategy 5, 10, and 15 years from now.
  • Kevin Mandia: President of security firm FireEye, Mandia’s clients include 200 of the Fortune 500. He gives an overview of pressing cyber threats plus how to punch back against intruders.
  • Lesley Carhart: Named a "Top Woman in Cybersecurity" by CyberScoop News, Carhart is an expert hacker and subject matter expert in cybersecurity incident response after spending over two decades in IT and cybersecurity fields. 

Speakers on Ethics, Trust, and the Digital Future

  • Amy Webb: A world-renowned futurist, founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute, and professor of strategic foresight at NYU, Amy Webb breaks down emerging trends to demonstrate how cyberattacks might evolve and prepare for the opportunities and threats that AI, Web3, and synthetic biology present to our systems and information security. 
  • Kate Darling: A leading expert in social robotics and MIT Media Lab research scientist who shares incredible insights on artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, robot ethics, and the ways these technologies will impact society in the near-term future. 
  • Melanie Subin: A futurist; trends, scenarios, and strategic foresight leader; and director of consulting at the Future Today Institute provides a high-level overview of the metaverse and other emerging technologies in the cybersphere, as well as how we can keep our systems and information secure our digital capabilities continue to evolve. 

Speakers on Geopolitical Cyber Security

  • Gen John Allen: General John Allen is one of the nation’s most respected thought leaders on US-global relations. He offers a high-level overview of potential digital threats and their origin as well as the keys to combating them.
  • Joel Brenner: The former senior counsel and inspector general of the NSA, Brenner is a security guru whose high level talks specialize in cyber and physical security, data protection and privacy, and intelligence law.
  • James Clapper: Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is one of the finest intelligence minds of the 21st century. In the midst of shifting national security policies and varying threats to American interests at home and abroad, Clapper illuminates a broad array of intelligence-related issues.
  • Sue Gordon: Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon shares first-hand insights from her 30-year national security career on the shifting cyber landscape in today’s hyper-connected world and what organizations need to know to protect themselves.
  • Andrew McCabe: Former Acting and Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe oversaw a shift in mentality from an organization focused on agents with guns and badges to uniquely skilled computer scientists, technologists, and analysts focused on countering the growing and evolving cyber threat. With this speech, McCabe discusses the internal and external threats, ranging from hacks to disinformation campaigns, that organizations need to focus on now. 
  • Beth Sanner: A presidential intelligence briefer and the former deputy director of national intelligence for mission integration who provides a high-level overview of cyber threats and emerging disruptive technologies as the world's powers navigate the potential for conflict. 

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