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As the world continues to face geopolitical unrest — especially related to the crises in Gaza and Ukraine, and the ever-evolving dynamics in international relations, these speakers share sought-after insights and strategies for understanding and managing geopolitical risk within organizations. Their backgrounds span military, government, and the private sector, and they help explain the current geopolitical landscape and what current and potential conditions mean for you and your business.


Beth Sanner

Beth SannerPresidential Intelligence Briefer, Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration

In a career spanning more than three decades, Beth Sanner has served at the highest levels of the Intelligence Community and as a trusted advisor to multiple U.S. presidents and many of our nation's key decision-makers. An expert on U.S. foreign policy and strategy, she seamlessly blends analytics and visuals to give audiences a high-level overview of the current national and global threat landscape and analyze complex geopolitical factors with the potential to reshape our world. | Learn more about Beth Sanner.


linda weissgold smiling for a headshot

Linda WeissgoldInfluential National Intelligence Leader, CIA Deputy Director for Analysis from 2020-2023

At the height of her career of close to four decades, Linda Weissgold served as the CIA's top analyst and was among an the most trusted advisors to our nation's leaders. In her talks, Weissgold, who was previously President George W. Bush's intelligence briefer, challenges audiences to look at the world through an intelligence lens as she talks them through the intricacies and challenges of the current geopolitical landscape, and why they matter to organizations. | Learn more about Linda Weissgold


eric traupe smiling in a white shirt, dark suit jacket, and red tie with blue dots

Eric TraupeNational Intelligence Leader; Former CIA Assistant Director

A Marine Corps veteran and the former assistant director of the CIA for the Near East, Eric Traupe is one of the most powerful voices in the Intelligence Community and has advised presidents, cabinet and military officials, and members of Congress throughout his career. He shares an intelligence insider's assessment of the geopolitical drivers that contribute to market volatility, supply chain disruption, and other factors that are organizations will need to understand in order to adapt. | Learn more about Eric Traupe.


margaret brennan, dressed in red and seated at the news desk

Margaret BrennanModerator of CBS News’ Face The Nation with Margaret Brennan & CBS News’ Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent

A household name from her distinguished tenure as the moderator of CBS News' premier Sunday public affairs program and as the network's chief foreign affairs correspondent, Margaret Brennan delivers a fact-based outlook on emerging global trends and the breaking news stories that are shaping the world. | Learn more about Margaret Brennan


gen. mcchrystal posing in a white polo while smiling

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan

Widely credited with revolutionizing warfare by fusing intelligence and operations, Gen. McChrystal provides insights on the current national and global state of political affairs in a manner that few others can. He leads a compelling session on the leading issues in today's dynamic geopolitical environment while analyzing trends, relationships, and the other factors at play, and outlines the potential implications on security, politics, and the global population. | Learn more about Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

james clapper headshot

Dir. James ClapperFormer Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

Formerly the nation’s top intelligence official and principal intelligence advisor to the President, James Clapper is revered for both his encyclopedic knowledge of critical intelligence issues and his straight-shooting style. Having overseen the U.S. intelligence community through a period that included the bin Laden raid and the Snowden leaks, Clapper’s uniquely positioned to discuss the broad scope of threats facing American interests. | Learn more about Dir. James Clapper.


meghan o'sullivan pictured in front of a blue background

Meghan O'SullivanGeopolitical Authority & Presidential Advisor, Harvard Professor & Administrator

Called "one of this century's most influential people" by Esquire, Meghan O'Sullivan is a globally respected geopolitical expert who has advised the U.S.'s key decision-makers, including President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. She shares a comprehensive overview of the hot-button issues in geopolitics and helps audiences make sense of what they can assess risk and adapt their businesses to the shifts that are taking place. | Learn more about Meghan O'Sullivan


sue gordon

Sue GordonFormer Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

As the country’s number two ranking intelligence official, Sue Gordon oversaw the entire Intelligence Community (IC), witnessing firsthand the shift in cyber and national security that has come with the global accessibility of information. With over 3-decades of security service, Gordon explains the challenges facing the IC today and the need for innovation in order to keep up. Having just retired in October, she brings recent, high-level experience to every engagement. | Learn more about Sue Gordon.


michael froman

Michael Froman, President, Council on Foreign Relations; Former United States Trade Representative

Michael Froman is an expert on trade and its effects on US global relationships. He was formerly President Obama’s chief advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on trade and investment issues. He helps audiences understand America's new role in the global economy, as well as what the Trump Administration's stances on various trade agreements mean for businesses. | Learn more about Michael Froman.


tracy walder smiling

Tracy WalderFormer CIA Officer, FBI Special Agent

As one of the only women to serve in both the Directorate of Operations at the CIA and as a special agent in the FBI, Tracy Walder traveled to war zones, black sites, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia and even helped take down on of the most notorious foreign spies ever caught on American soil. She speaks to emerging threats across the globe and offers high-level insights on the ways they might impact national security and foreign policy as she shares the latest geopolitical intel with her audiences. | Learn more about Tracy Walder


Gina Ortiz Jones

Gina Ortiz Jones27th Under Secretary of the Air Force; Barrier-Breaking Public Servant and Military Leader

A military leader and veteran of the Intelligence Community, The Honorable Gina Ortiz Jones shares a clear and comprehensive overview of today's top issues in geopolitics, foreign policy, and the continued evolution of global dynamics. Her insights and anecdotes give audiences a deeper understanding of the policies that are shaping alliances, addressing conflicts, and advancing international relations. | Learn more about Gina Ortiz Jones.



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