Top Speakers With Talks On Geopolitical Risk & Political Chaos

Geopolitical Speakers

As the world continues to face geopolitical unrest — especially related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the events that have unfolded in the time that has followed. These speakers, with  backgrounds that span military, government, and private sector service, offer talks on understanding and managing geopolitical risk. Take a look at these insider speakers who help to explain the current geopolitical landscape and what these threats mean for you and your business:


John Allen

Gen. John AllenFormer Commander of NATO and US Forces in Afghanistan, & Former Presidential Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL

General John Allen is the former Head of NATO Forces in Afghanistan. Personally appointed by President Obama as the first American to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, he is a fresh and thoughtful thinker on what’s happening in the world. Translating how security challenges will likely play out, while sharing powerful stories from his time leading the military, Allen’s talk on geopolitical megatrends assesses hot spots, threats, and opportunities around the world. | Click to learn more.

Beth Sanner

Beth SannerPresidential Intelligence Briefer, Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration

In a career spanning more than three decades, Beth Sanner has served at the highest levels of the Intelligence Community, working in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the CIA, U.S. State Department, and White House, and as a trusted advisor to multiple U.S. presidents and many of our nation's key decision-makers. An expert on U.S. foreign policy and strategy, she seamlessly blends analytics and visuals to give audiences a high-level overview of the current national and global threat landscape and analyze complex geopolitical factors and hot-button developments with the potential to reshape our world. | Click to learn more.

Scott Pelley

Scott Pelley, Award-Winning 60 Minutes Correspondent & Former CBS News Anchor and Managing Editor

One of the most recognizable faces in American journalism today, Pelley has covered many of the stories that have grabbed headlines around the globe throughout the last 30 years. He shares a unique and nuanced viewpoint of today’s major events in Ukraine and geopolitical around the globe through the eyes of a news anchor. | Click to learn more



Ian Bremmer

Ian Bremmer, International Affairs Expert & President of Eurasia Group

Ian Bremmer is widely recognized for the independent and intelligent perspective he provides on the most-pressing issues in international affairs. He offers clearheaded, practical insights on the events taking place in Ukraine, as well as the effects of geopolitics and market volatility on the world order. | Click to learn more

Evelyn Farkas

Evelyn Farkas, Foreign Policy & Global Trends Expert and NBC National Security Contributor

Known as the top Obama Administration official on Russian issues, Evelyn Farkas shares an insider’s perspective on the Kremlin’s goals and methods. She offers a fascinating look at America’s position in the world as well as her thoughts on how to secure global stability and prosperity. | Click to learn more.

Anja Manuel

Anja Manuel, Principal, Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC

Anja Manuel is co-founder of RiceHadleyGates (along with former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice and former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates). A consultant to Fortune 50 and Silicon Valley CEOs, she breaks down the rise of emerging markets and America’s shifting role in international leadership, and presents an overview of potential pitfalls and opportunities for businesses globally. She is a frequent contributor to Fortune, Reuters, and The New York Times. | Click to learn more.


Below are additional recommendations for speakers we work with who can share their expertise on a range of geopolitical threats — from Russia and Iran to terrorism and cyber warfare.

More top speakers on geopolitical risk & political chaos

  • Joel Brenner, Former National Counterintelligence Executive and Author of America the Vulnerable
  • Director Jim ClapperFormer Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
  • Michael FromanFormer United States Trade Representative and President of Strategic Growth, MasterCard
  • Sue Gordon, Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
  • Harry HarrisAdmiral, U.S. Navy (Retired); Former Commander, U.S. Pacific Command; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
  • Doug Lute, Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO
  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan
  • Gen. John NicholsonFormer Commander of American & NATO Forces in Afghanistan
  • Kenneth Pollack, Former CIA Iraq-Iran Military Analyst and Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute
  • Sean Roche, Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA Digital Innovation
  • Tracy Walder, Former CIA Officer, FBI Special Agent
  • Gen. Vincent BrooksRetired Four-Star General & Former Commander, United Nations Command
  • Harry Broadman, Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute and Former Chief of Staff, President’s Council of Economic Advisers
  • George FriedmanFounder and Chairman of Geopolitical Features
  • Kevin KajiwaraGeopolitical Expert and Co-President, Teneo Intelligence
  • Erik Peterson, Partner and Managing Director of A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council & Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
  • Peter Zeihan, Geopolitical Strategist

Read on for more information about these speakers and their specific topics: 

Joel Brenner

Former National Counterintelligence Executive and Author of America the Vulnerable

Joel Brenner specializes in cyber security, US intelligence, and internal data investigations. His new book reveals the startling rate at which private data is leaked without prior knowledge regardless of current security measures. Not only individuals, but businesses and corporations are all affected. Through his extensive knowledge, Brenner reveals how this situation arose and what there is to do to stop it. His expertise is applied to operational and practical business strategy, guiding the way to insulate oneself from these very real threats. | Click to learn more about Joel.

Dir. James Clapper

Former Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

Formerly the nation’s top intelligence official and principal intelligence advisor to the President, James Clapper is revered for both his encyclopedic knowledge of critical intelligence issues and his straight-shooting style. Having overseen the U.S. intelligence community through a period that included the bin Laden raid and the Snowden leaks, Clapper’s uniquely positioned to discuss the broad scope of threats facing American interests. | Click to learn more.

Michael Froman

Former United States Trade Representative and President of Strategic Growth, MasterCard

Michael Froman is an expert on trade and its effects on US global relationships. He was formerly President Obama’s chief advisor, negotiator, and spokesperson on trade and investment issues. Froman’s experience and insight has never been more valuable given the current emphasis on trade. He helps audiences understand America's new role in the global economy, as well as what the Trump Administration's stances on various trade agreements mean for businesses. Currently the Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth at MasterCard, he is perfectly positioned to provide businesses with a 360-degree overview of how our global relationships will evolve. | Click to learn more.

Sue Gordon

Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence

As the country’s number two ranking intelligence official, Sue Gordon oversaw the entire Intelligence Community (IC), witnessing firsthand the shift in cyber and national security that has come with the global accessibility of information. With over 3-decades of security service, Gordon explains the challenges facing the IC today and the need for innovation in order to keep up. Having just retired in October, she brings recent, high-level experience to every engagement. | Click to learn more.

Harry Harris, 

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired); Former Commander, U.S. Pacific Command; Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

The first-ever Asian American to attain four-star rank in the U.S. Navy and the highest-ranking Asian American in the Navy's history, Admiral Harry Harris provides sought-after expert analysis on geopolitical issues across the globe, especially related to North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Australia, and the Quad. As the former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Harris offers a compelling breakdown of American foreign policy and how today's issues could potentially reshape business and the economy. | Click to learn more

Doug Lute

Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO

Ambassador Douglas Lute is the former United States Permanent Representative to the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s standing political body. Appointed by President Obama, he assumed the Brussels-based post in 2013 and served until 2017. During this period, he was instrumental in designing and implementing the 28-nation Alliance’s responses to the most severe security challenges in Europe since the end of the Cold War. | Click here to learn more.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal

Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan

Widely credited with revolutionizing warfare by fusing intelligence and operations, Gen. McChrystal provides insights on the current national and global state of political affairs in a manner that few others can. He leads a compelling session on the leading issues in today's dynamic geopolitical environment while analyzing trends, relationships, and the other factors at play, and outlines the potential implications on security, politics, and the global population. 

Gen. John Nicholson

Former Commander of American & NATO Forces in Afghanistan

Gen. Nicholson stepped down as Commander of U.S. Forces-Afghanistan and NATO’s Resolute Support mission in September of last year. An energetic, combat-seasoned voice on leading complex organizations to win, Gen. Nicholson is widely admired for his position as one of our nation’s greatest “Warrior-Diplomats,” and as the longest-serving commander in the Afghan theatre of war. Nicholson draws on his experience with large military units and allied coalitions in times of complexity and risk and provides lessons that are highly relevant to improving strategic thinking, strengthening results through collaboration and developing resilient colleagues who will thrive in today’s fast-paced global operating environment. | Click to learn more about John.

Kenneth Pollack

Former CIA Iraq-Iran Military Analyst and Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute

With an extensive background in national security, intelligence, and foreign policy, Dr. Kenneth Pollack is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and an expert on Middle Eastern political-military affairs with a particular emphasis on Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The author of nine books on the Middle East, he addresses foreign policy, international relations, and geopolitics, stressing economic, social, and educational change as part of the solution to the issues in the Middle East. | Click to learn more about Kenneth.

Sean Roche

Former Associate Deputy Director for CIA Digital Innovation

At the CIA’s Directorate of Digital Innovation, Sean Roche was responsible for modernizing and accelerating innovation across the entire agency with cutting-edge technologies and cyber intelligence. Discussing the current cyber landscape, Roche provides a thorough yet digestible analysis of the most pressing threats facing organizations today. His high-energy presentation and hilarious anecdotes straight from Washington will leave audiences at ease, providing manageable takeaways they can instantly implement to enact more secure processes. | Click to learn more.

Tracy Walder

Former CIA Officer, FBI Special Agent, Educator, and Author

As one of the only women to serve in both the Directorate of Operations at the CIA and as a special agent in the FBI, Tracy Walder traveled to war zones, black sites, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Southeast Asia and even helped take down on of the most notorious foreign spies ever caught on American soil. She speaks to emerging threats across the globe and offers high-level insights on the ways they might impact national security and foreign policy as she shares the latest geopolitical intel with her audiences. | Click to learn more. 

Harry Broadman

Senior Fellow, Johns Hopkins University Foreign Policy Institute and Former Chief of Staff, President’s Council of Economic Advisers

Harry G. Broadman is a globally renowned international finance executive, private equity investor, trade negotiator, and authority on business growth, risk-mitigation, antitrust, regulation, corruption, corporate governance and innovation. Over the course of his career he's re-invented himself more than a handful of times—not only in an interdisciplinary fashion, but also across greatly differentiated senior roles in the private sector, interspersed with stints as a high-level international trade negotiator, policy maker, regulator and journalist. | Click here to learn more

Gen. Vincent Brooks

Retired Four-Star General & Former Commander, United Nations Command

General Vincent K. Brooks is a career Army officer who recently retired from active duty as the four-star general in command of all U.S. Forces in Korea, where he concurrently commanded United Nations Command as well as the Republic of Korea—U.S. Combined Forces Command comprising over 650,000 Koreans and Americans under arms. Widely respected as a speaker and leader of cohesive, innovative organizations, within and beyond the military, his areas of expertise include leadership in complex organizations, crisis leadership, and building cohesive trust-based teams, national security, policy, strategy, international relations, military operations, combating terrorism and countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, as well as diversity and inclusion. | Click to learn more.

George Friedman

Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Features

Dr. George Friedman is an internationally recognized geopolitical forecaster, international affairs strategist, and New York Times best-selling author. As Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, a new online publication dedicated to forecasting the course of global events, Friedman combines his passion for writing and publishing for his readers world wide who follow international affairs. A very popular keynote speaker on the future of international geopolitics, Dr. Friedman has briefed for many major military and government organizations and is frequently invited to speak internationally. | Click to learn more.

Kevin Kajiwara

Geopolitical Expert and Co-President, Teneo Intelligence

Kevin Kajiwara advises Fortune 100 CEOs and significant institutional investors with insights on geopolitical and policy risks, and their investment and corporate strategy implications. He plays an active role in promoting the firm’s research agenda and developing its macro views, as well as integrating Teneo’s geopolitical advisory services across the platform. Prior to joining Teneo, Kevin was the director of Strategic Clients at Eurasia Group and a member of the firm’s Operating Committee. | Click to learn more.

Erik Peterson

Partner and Managing Director of A.T. Kearney’s Global Business Policy Council & Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

A trusted advisor to the world’s top CEOs and business leaders, Erik Peterson draws from his extensive experience in global foresight to discuss current geopolitical events in Russia, Ukraine, and around the world, and share valuable insights on global economic and business trends, as well as how we might be impacted in this age of uncertainty. | Click to learn more

Peter Zeihan

Geopolitical Strategist

Having held roles at the U.S. State Department and a premier private intelligence company, Peter Zeihan draws from his expertise in global affairs to provide a comprehensive breakdown of geopolitical issues in Europe, China, the U.S., and elsewhere in the world. Offering a preview of the issues that will drive tomorrow's headlines, he uses an approach that transforms complex subject matters and makes it engaging and understandable with takeaways for all audience types. | Click to learn more

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