Training Talent for Virtual Events

Training Talent for Virtual Events

Considering taking your meeting virtual?

From researching the endless options of virtual distribution platforms and figuring out virtual networking opportunities, to building engaging content, training talent to deliver their talks through a virtual medium is just another event component that requires a new and different approach.

A presentation in a virtual format is quite different than a traditional on-stage speech, and it’s important to prepare your talent to know what to expect, what’s different, and how to hone their material and delivery to truly resonate in this new medium.

At Leading Authorities, we know talent. We have a 30-year legacy of working with top-tier speakers, and care about how their content is delivered. We value talent rehearsals, know how to run them virtually, and make sure that all content and presenters are lined up and ready to go. We have all contingencies in place, and a methodology for each.

Keep reading to learn how we ensure virtual speakers are prepared for their presentations, and look good doing it.

Here’s how we do it!

If one of our speakers is booked for a virtual event, our amazing team of event managers will hold their hand throughout the process to make sure they are comfortable with the event technology and content, are ready to make a great impression, and deliver a seamless performance.

Here’s how our event managers coach our talent through the entire process of a virtual event:

  • Liaise between the talent and the event organizers
  • Provide marketing kits for event promotion use
  • Connect talent with event organizers and other key players to learn more about content, tone, and who will be in the audience.
  • Set up multiple tech rehearsals
  • Make sure that all content is lined up and ready to go appropriately.
  • Gather final event details for the talent to make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Follow-up with talent and event organizers for post-event feedback.

Based on our long history coaching talent, we also often help executives or other internal presenters through the rehearsal and prep-process to reduce the anxiety and set them up for success, so they can deliver their talk like a pro.


LAI Lessons-Learned: Tips to Train Your Virtual Talent

To help you navigate prepping your presenters for the new virtual environment, we put together our top tips on how to ensure your virtual talent is ready for primetime! At LAI, we like to focus our training around three words:

  1. Preview. View the presenter’s office or home environment where they plan to deliver their virtual presentation to ensure it is appropriate for the upcoming meeting. Take a tour – walk with them around their virtual space to see if there is an optimal location to host their talk. Make recommendations based on the on the camera angles, best lighting, background setting, and more!
  2. Test. Test the audio, video, slides, internet, and everything you can think of. How does it look and sound? Test to see if the speaker is comfortable with navigating the platform, looking into the camera, where they are sitting, and more.
  3. Practice. As much as you can. Once you’ve tested – it’s time to practice. Continue testing the presenter’s connections and audio, run through the slides and their presentation, and continue to make ongoing recommendations based on interactivity and engagement, which is key in this new space.

Rinse and repeat! You can never be too prepared. Continue to preview, test, and practice as much as time allows to be sure your talent feels comfortable and ready to take on the virtual stage.

Remember CHIP! Camera – Headphones – Internet – Picture. Our team of virtual event producers have also created a virtual meeting checklist to keep in mind when you’re prepping your talent for showtime, using the acronym CHIP. Learn more here.

Consistency is key. Finally, make sure that your presenters use the same exact equipment, connection, and location on the day of the event that they previewed, tested, and practiced with. This will help minimize the risk of surprises or last-minute issues that come up the day-of.


And it doesn’t end there!

While working directly with your virtual talent is key to event success, there are many other ways to enhance the event experience and ensure that you’re delivering a world-class virtual event.

Virtual Event Production

Many virtual event distribution platforms can deliver similar functionalities. Using a virtual event producer is what helps take your event to the next level, engaging your remote audience with a broadcast-quality experience.

At LAI, we have an incredible virtual event production team that understands everything that goes into planning and executing a virtual meeting. They are well-versed on all the technology options and functionality, project management process from start to finish, how to pre-record and stream the content, day-of production, creative virtual engagement solutions, and more.

Learn more about how you can elevate your virtual event with a virtual event producer here.


Virtual Event Video

With a majority of your event content filmed remotely via a webcam or other at-home equipment – you want to make sure your talent looks good delivering it!

Our fantastic video communications team has worked on a ton of remote videos to get our clients’ messages out during this time apart. They understand best practices for recording remote content, how to create engaging videos that capture an audience’s attention, and know the right angles to make talent shine on camera.

Learn more about how you can create a broadcast-quality remote video here.



Leading Authorities is here to help with your virtual event solutions. Keeping yourselves and your teams engaged, inspired, and connected is more important than ever. We are excited to partner with you for your next virtual event!

To get in touch with a member of our team right away, you can call us at 1-800-SPEAKER, fill out the form at the bottom of this page, email us at, or start a live chat with us online.

Looking for a quick answer? Check out our Virtual Event FAQ’s.

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