Trevor Moawad's New Book: It Takes What It Takes


Behind every great athlete and top-level executive lies a motivated mindset of endurance, perseverance, and determination.

From the NFL to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world, world-renowned mental conditioning expert Trevor Moawad has redefined the journey to peak performance for some of the most elite performers in the athletic and business worlds. Under his leadership, teams and star individuals have been able to take their performance to the next level, while maintaining a balance of mental and physical health.

On February 4, 2020, Trevor Moawad released his highly anticipated book, entitled It Takes What It Takes: How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life, sharing his unique mental conditioning philosophy. In his book, Trevor zeroes in on his effectively proven strategies used to integrate mental conditioning into your everyday routine – amplifying your overall performance at work and home.



While discussing the illusion of choice, with oldest active NBA player, Vince Carter, Trevor asked Carter about his take on the idea of viewing success as a choice, and whether or not it affects his ability to succeed in his career despite inevitable barriers.

His response? “It takes what it takes…”

This simple but powerful response defied all lackadaisical luxuries of choice and eliminated the option of failure.

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Trevor’s journey to success didn’t happen overnight. An athlete throughout his college career at Occidental College (the same school attended by Former U.S. President Barack Obama), Trevor made his imprint in the athletic world as a two-sport athlete. He was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Charles Wright Academy, as well the Academy’s Distinguished Alumni of the Year.

As if his impressive college career wasn’t enough, Trevor went on to hold multiple roles as both director of mental conditioning and director of the multi-disciplined IMG Performance Institute. There, he established his credibility as an expert in mental conditioning, skyrocketing performance levels in athletes and business personnel.

In 2017, Trevor Moawad was named “Sports World’s Best Brain Trainer” by Sports Illustrated.


To the average person, Trevor’s role often looks like the mastermind behind a ton of athletes and high-level executives. But what does he actually do?

In efforts to cure their curiosity, Worth Magazine published a Q&A session with Trevor, parsing out all their beaming questions about his mental conditioning techniques. See a snippet of it below!

Q (Worth Magazine): What exactly is mental conditioning?

A (Trevor Moawad): Mental conditioning started in the 2000s. The idea is: Instead of seeing a therapist to address a problem, what if you use your mind in a way to optimize it? You don’t need to be sick to get better. There are things you can write down and say to get better. There’s a way to minimize negativity, to see yourself doing something in advance of doing it.

Q: How is it [mental conditioning] different from just having a positive disposition?

A (Trevor Moawad): I’m talking about thinking at a neutral level, not forcing anyone to be positive but letting them not be negative. The question an athlete asks is: Can it help me right now? What allows me to succeed? What are the characteristics I need for success, independent of how I feel about them?

I’m either going to develop the characteristics or I’m not.

The problem with positive thinking is it requires movement from a current state to a better state too fast for most people, and not authentically. “Positive” immediately speaks to a better outcome, but that may not be realistic. People resent that. (Click here for the full interview)

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Out of all the legendary figures Trevor Moawad coaches, NFL Quarterback Russell Wilson has catapulted Moawad’s strategies and techniques into the public eye.

Wilson is one of few NFL players to start in two Super Bowls (winning Super Bowl XLVIII), hold the record for most wins by an NFL quarterback through even seasons, in addition to being one of two quarterbacks in NFL history with a career passer rating over 100.

In a Men’s Health feature about Wilson’s NFL success, Wilson gives all accolades to his conditioned mindset – nurtured by his mental conditioning coach, Trevor Moawad. In the article, Moawad explains his idea of excelling through neutral thinking by saying, “When things aren’t going your way, you have to downshift psychologically to neutral. Then you’re in a position where you can move forward.”


  • You Get What You Expect. In this seminar, Moawad discusses lessons learned from 15+ years of working with the world’s top athletes and organizations. We break down the elements of potential, and how aptitude remains an important but not the only deciding factor for many of the best teams or stand out athletes. Moawad highlights specific examples from critical games and organizational challenges and the specific plans put in place to help chart a new course.  High expectations help pull an organization or athlete up towards a better tomorrow.
  • The Illusion of Choice. Understandably, many individuals and teams want variety along the path towards success. Moawad outlines the reality that there are ‘limited options’ for those intent on getting to the top.  Being a part of the rebuilding of college football dynasties, Alabama and FSU, as well as lesser-known schools like Colorado State – all intent on reaching the heights of College Football. Or elite prodigies signing multi-million dollar deals in their early teens. Individuals starting so high that it can feel like the only way forward is down-hill. Moawad outlines critical learnings from these experiences and simple strategies to help learn and perform in advance of experience.
  • The Power of Neutral Thinking. We explore the concept of “Neutral” and use examples from top organizations on how to develop neutral thinking. Every day we organize our experiences and thoughts as positive, negative or neutral. The lessons for a lifetime were not etched in the power of positivity, but rather, in the understanding of the incredible value of being neutral. When we strategically look at moving our lives forward by limiting specific behaviors we find the challenge to change much easier. To eat well we must first eat ‘less poorly.’ To think well, we must first learn to think ‘less poorly.’ We have a tendency to want to think in black and whites—the more we go for grey, the more we will remember to do this when we face struggles. Having the flexibility to see the bumps in the road as normal occurrences helps you more easily access alternate routes and move forward rather than get stuck.

Trevor Moawad has not only hardwired himself to think positively and maintain motivation, he’s a world-renowned expert at instilling the same principles in teams, businesses, and organizations of all levels. He utilizes his mental conditioning strategies in order to transform audiences and increase their success rate.



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