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Inspiring Tweets From Our 2018 Inspire Conference

Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas Event

We recently hosted one of our biggest speaker events of the year—our 2018 Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas. The Leading Authorities, Inc, team was so excited to share the unique experience of previewing ten of the most in-demand keynote speakers on the circuit today that we’re very excited about with all the meeting professionals in attendance—all in one place and on one day. And, in turn, our audience members (and speakers!) shared that experience with their friends and colleagues across their social media channels.

Here are some of our favorite moments that were captured on Twitter by the hundreds of senior event and meeting professionals who joined us at Inspire as well as the incredible keynote speakers who presented throughout the day:

Ben Saunders took the stage first, setting a high-energy tone, hitting on the theme of perseverance and showcasing stunning visuals from his time in the polar regions.

Next up, Flywheel Sports CEO Sarah Robb O’Hagan kept the energy going, talking about understanding your niche, dominating your marketplace, and not being afraid to use failure as fuel.

After Sarah wowed the audience, social media and digital marketing star Crystal Washington broke down the importance of meeting your customers where they are, tuning in and out at the right times, the big data revolution, and making the most of time-saving apps.

After Crystal spoke, the group took a quick break and regrouped before Col. Nicole Malachowski, America’s first female Thunderbird pilot, spoke.

Check out our Inspire event recap blog post to see more of our favorite moments from the 2018 Inspire conference and read a synopsis of each keynote speaker's presentation as well as the preceding Q&A sessions following each presentation.

You can also listen to the binge-worthy podcast episodes that we recorded we each of the incredible keynote speakers featured during this day-long event on LAI's official podcast, Speaking Of.

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