Unique Perspectives on Turning Failure into Success

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Why do we avoid failure when there’s so much to learn from it? These speakers are among the most accomplished leaders in their fields, and they all share the sentiment that failure has been (and continues to be) a part of their journeys. As they reflect upon their own “favorite” failures, they share valuable lessons on life, leadership, and learning from your setbacks in order to prepare for your comeback. 

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Lindsay Shookus, Longtime Saturday Night Live Producer

Lindsay Shookus is open and honest about the failures she experienced working in the pressure cooker of live TV, and offers advice on how anyone can mine through the low moments in order to uncover the inspiration that will lead to their next success.

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown outdoors in front of brick columns

Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown, Leadership & Sales Mindset Advisors, Popular USC Professors of Entrepreneurship 

Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown reflect on their own failures early on in their sales careers and how it led them to the “Unsold Mindset,” which is their counterintuitive approach to leadership, personal and professional development, and sales.


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Lisa Sun, Founder & CEO, GRAVITAS, Former Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company

Lisa Sun never forgot the feedback from her first professional review that stated that she lacked “gravitas.” These words are part of the origin story of GRAVITAS, the game-changing clothing and confidence company that Sun founded and leads as CEO. 


sarah robb o'hagan smiling in front of a grey background

Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Legendary Business Leader; CEO of EXOS; Former Gatorade, Nike, & Virgin Group Executive

Sarah Robb O'Hagan's LinkedIn account highlights the failures she’s endured leading at some of the world’s top brands. She points to these failures as being highly influential in her ability to grow on both the personal and professional levels, and be more successful in subsequent endeavors. 


Joan Higginbotham smiling in a front of a decorated wall

Joan Higginbotham, Retired NASA Astronaut & Third African American Woman in Space

Joan Higginbotham discusses the disappointment she experienced the first time she applied to be an astronaut and how it led to her coming back stronger than ever and eventually achieving her dreams of flying into space. 


Poppy Jamie smiling in front of a tan background

Poppy Jamie, Founder of Happy Not Perfect, Co-Founder of Pop & Suki, and Happiness Expert, 

Poppy Jamie reveals how she was able to turn the failures in her life around to become more confident, emotionally resilient, adaptable, and successful – and shares practical steps for how anyone can do the same. 

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