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U.S.’s Most Popular Leadership Speaker

by Steve Bagshaw
U.S.’s Most Popular Leadership Speaker

Four-Star General Stan McChrystal, one of the United States’ most popular leadership speakers, recently wrote a powerful article on LinkedIn, which has also been picked up by TIME magazine. It’s both an interesting look into the power of teamwork and a good indication of the dynamism of his presentations. Here is an excerpt:

“If I learned one thing in my 34-year career, it was this fact: I accomplished nothing, but we did amazing things. As a leader, I have always seen it as my most critical function to create the “we,” to place oneself at the center of diverse and amazing talent, and pull them together around a common purpose. “I” is ego, and a risky path for any leader. “We” is empowerment, transparency, and shared context – all of the things the modern environment requires to be effective.” Read the full article.

McChrystal is also writing a new book due out next year, Team of Teams: The Power of Small Groups in a Fragmented World, which will follow up his 2013 best-seller My Share of the Task.

Other great leadership speakers include:

  • Mike Forde, the former director of football operations at Chelsea FC
  • David Pottruck, best-selling author on leading change and former Charles Schwab CEO
  • Sir Graeme Lamb, the former director UK Special Forces

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