What Happens After Election Day?

Do you have a post-election event coming up that I could help you book a speaker for? Nov. 8 is officially under two months away, and if you’re thinking about discussing the political climate in 2017, here are some top names we recommend:

  • Jake Tapper: Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN and anchor of The Lead with Jake Tapper and State of the Union
  • Mike Allen: Politico’s Chief White House Correspondent and former “Playbook” author
  • Ana Navarro: GOP strategist, CNN political analyst, and contributor to The View
  • Dana Perino: Former White House Press Secretary, New York Times No. 1 Best-Selling Author, and Co-Host of Fox’s The Five
  • Amy Walter: Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter, Former Political Director of ABC News
  • Mara Liasson: National Political Correspondent for NPR
  • Jim VandeHei: Co-founder of Politico
  • John Harris: Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Politico

Our political analysts can talk about the first 100 days of the new Administration and how policy changes will specifically impact you.

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