What Makes a Great Financial Speaker?

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As organizations plan for the future, they’re looking for the top financial speakers who are on the money when it comes to breaking down the current economic landscape and figuring out the financial future. If your organization is interested in insights from the best financial motivation speakers, Leading Authorities can connect you with the top financial planning speakers on the circuit. These financial education speakers are passionate professionals with industry-leading experience in areas including policy, fintech, cryptocurrency, and investing.

Must-Have Qualities in a Financial Speaker

A great financial speaker can analyze current market trends, interpret them in ways that audiences of varying financial literacy levels can easily understand, make informed predictions on future market matters, and leave organizations and individuals with actionable steps for making sound financial decisions. The top financial speakers possess the unique ability to engage audience members through stories, real-life examples, and a passion for all things finance.

These financial planning speakers we work with can share their expertise and insights at your next event: 

  • BRIAN QUINTENZ, Commissioner, Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • JULIA POLLAKChief Economist, ZipRecruiter
  • DIANE SWONK, Chief Economist Grant Thornton; Founder and CEO of DS Economics
  • PATRICK TOOMEY: U.S. Senator (R-PA) 2011-2023; Ranking Member, Senate Banking Committee; Member, Finance Committee, Budget Committee, and Joint Economic Committee
  • DOUGLAS HOLTZ-EAKIN, Chief Economist Grant Thornton; Founder and CEO of DS Economics
  • MICHAEL PIWOWAR, Former Acting Chairman and Commissioner at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • RON KIRK, U.S. Trade Representative and Former Mayor of Dallas
  • ZACHARY KARABELL, Authority on Future Trends, Geopolitics and the Changing Global Economic System; Author of “The Leading Indicators” and “Inside Money”
  • LAUREN SIMMONS, Youngest Trader, Only Female and Second-Ever African American Woman at the New York Stock Exchange


With over two decades of experience at the forefront of financial regulation and policy, Brian Quintenz is a top financial speaker on digital commodities, including cryptocurrency, and their impact on the markets. In his talks, he combines his expertise in finance with his public policy background to analyze how cryptocurrency and other financial technologies are reshaping the economy.


As the leading economic voice at one of the world’s top online employment enterprises, she leverages exclusive data to gauge the health of the labor market, identify hiring trends, and help organizations and individuals succeed in today’s ever-evolving economic landscape.  Pollak is expertly versed at relating key trends to what matters most for organizations, especially as it relates to the labor market and the workplace experience.


A highly sought-after economic and financial education speaker, Diane Swonk has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services and has sat on several advisory committees to the Federal Reserve Board and on the Council of Economic Advisers for the White House. When speaking, she offers a deep, non-political dive as she expertly navigates topics surrounding monetary and fiscal policy while breaking down domestic economic matters, trade issues, regulation, taxes, and insights for where the economy is headed.


Widely regarded as Congress’ preeminent thought leader on the financial services industry and sought-after authority on economic and tax policy, financial regulation, and financial issues, Pat Toomey served in the United States Senate from 2011 to 2023, where he was also a senior member of the Senate Banking and Finance Committees. Known for successfully leading the 2017 tax reform effort resulting in the enactment of the most extensive reform in over 30 years—the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—Toomey, as labeled by the Philadelphia Inquirer, is “a leading voice on money matters”.


An economics and fiscal policy expert, Holtz-Eakin has served at the highest levels of government and is well-known on Capitol Hill and Washington’s top think tanks as an influential voice in policy, politics, academia, and government. Lively and humorous in his approach to breaking down complex issues in policy and politics, he is among the most engaging financial literacy speakers who uses everyday examples and anecdotes to illustrate what the future holds for tax policy, budget outlook, energy issues, healthcare, financial reform, and more.


A trusted financial leader to three presidential administrations, Dr. Michael Piwowar is among the most respected voices who helps companies navigate shifting global markets while offering insights into Washinton, D.C.’s regulations, emerging trends, and investment opportunities. As the former acting chairman and commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, he is great fit for groups looking for a top financial speaker on financial regulation and forecasting.


Called “a tremendous advocate for the American worker” by President Obama, U.S. trade representative and former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk played an essential role in the economy’s revival following the 2008 financial collapse. Known for his unique ability as a coalition builder, Kirk is a boisterous and entertaining voice who draws from his one-of-a-kind experiences as a political insider to lead entertaining talks on the future of the job market, trade relationships, diversity, and race relations in America.


Edgy, upbeat, and, at times, humorous, financial planning speaker Zachary Karabell delivers in-depth insights on specific policy issues as they relate to the global economy while offering a big-picture analysis of current global trends using key data points and hard-hitting insights. His bright personality and quick wit shine in his talks, where he makes a case for the importance of optimism in the often dry and cynical world of global economics.


Young, ambitious, and with a story worthy of the big screen, former stock trader Lauren Simmons was previously the youngest and only current full-time female trader at the New York Stock Exchange when she was hired by Rosenblatt Securities at age 22. Known as the “Wolfette of Wall Street,” she draws from her experience as only the second-ever African American woman at the NYSE to share her journey as a history-maker in the financial industry and offer a fresh perspective on crucial topics, such as financial wellness, networking, and diversity.

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