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What will be new at your 2017 awards event?

by Maddie Donnelly
Amazing Meeting Speakers

LAI produces a lot of great meetings. Just last week, we brought CEO Update’s Association Leadership Awards show to life. A lot of organizations are looking to refresh their awards show into something more modern and exciting. With strong vision, creative design, the seamless integration of new technologies including Facebook live-streaming and real-time audience Q&A, and engaging video, your next show will have guests buzzing.

Take a look at pictures from the day or watch a sampling of the “walk and talk” style interviews our video team created for the awards show program. You can also watch the videos posted to our Facebook live feed, or our highlight reel to get a behind the scenes feel for the event.

If you have an upcoming event that could use some refreshing, please fill out the form below. We’d be happy to talk to you about our innovative event production and video communications capabilities.

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