What Will the Future Look Like? Keynote Speakers Unlock Mystery

What will the future look like? The futurists below explain what’s coming, how to unlock its potential, and how your industry will change.

Salim Ismail
Video Clip: How AI and robotics will affect healthcare, education, and transportation
Salim Ismail is the director of Singularity University and a former Yahoo! exec who built and sold his company to Google. He shares jaw-dropping insights on the future of technology and its social impact—all while showing audiences how these changes are creating opportunities along the way.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Video Clip: How big data is changing the way we solve problems
Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is the author of the block-buster best-seller Big Data. He helps organizations understand how to capitalize on big data’s potential. For example, Walmart tripled sales by putting flashlights, batteries, and Pop-Tarts together at checkout during storms.

Jack Uldrich
Video Clip: How technology is personalizing medicine
Jack Uldrich is a global futurist and the best-selling author of award-winning books like The Next Big Thing is Really Small. He is known for delivering new perspectives on emerging technologies, innovation, and managing change, while helping businesses adapt to what’s coming.

Peter Diamandis
Video Clip: Why the future is better than we think
Peter Diamandis, the chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, reveals how to spur innovation through intelligent risk-taking, maverick thinking, and environments where failure is allowed, as technology transforms resources that were once scare into something abundant.

Kate Ancketill
Video Clip: How hyper-personalization will transform the future of shopping
Kate Ancketill discusses how fast-moving brands are creating the future advancements from their imaginations. Engaging and warm, she shares insights on how tweaking a discarded idea can turn it into world-leading innovation and how consumer, brand, and retailer relationships are evolving.

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