Which Ads Won the SuperBowl?


Did you watch the SuperBowl last night? If so, who did you think won (aside from the Eagles)? 

We checked in with branding and innovation expert Mitch Joel—whose lectures on thriving in a culture of change are sought out by clients looking to disrupt their business before they’re taken out by a competitor—to get his take on who ruled the year’s biggest night for advertising. While he said it’ll take time to know if the ads were short-lived or will change perceptions, here were his picks for the night’s big winners:

“I thought Tide was great, I also thought it was great timing considering what’s happening with the Tide Pods and the controversy there. I think that really, pardon the pun, but I think it might have washed it away.” Watch the ad.

“I think you see the polarization of great advertising on the SuperBowl – ads are either quirky funny or the extreme tearjerker. And I thought Toyota did a great job with their Mobility and the messaging there; they had a great couple of spots on that.” Watch the ad

Media Buyers
“It was a fantastic year in terms of the media buying space. Every spot was sold out and a lot of people were even really scrambling at the end.”

Mitch has been called a branding and communications visionary and one of the top 100 marketers in the world. He’s passionate about business transformation and helping groups rethink their positioning in the world. If you’re interested in learning more about his speeches and specialties, give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER.

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