Why the Right Event Partner Can Be the Only One You Need

What are the benefits of using one company for your event’s production, video, and speaker needs?

We recently worked with National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to leverage their buying power and get more for their spend. At first they were only working with us on speakers and they kept dramatically changing their budget. Then we learned they had established a budget for their annual convention and each time they picked a new speaker at a new price, it affected their other budgets. Additionally they needed to find money for entertainment and A/V production.

We got to work and presented our best ideas as a package based on their full budget, offering high, middle, and low-cost options across the categories while still keeping in mind their overall theme and member experience.

In the end, we were able to give NEMA a more well-rounded event. In addition to great speakers, entertainment, and production, we were also included graphics and video helping to eliminate the headache of the back-and-forth they were experiencing by juggling several vendors.

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