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We love working with our clients and they love working with us. Our people can collaborate with your team to create great content, build effective communication campaigns, and execute impactful events that your audience will remember long after it is over. Individually, we never fail to impress—see what can happen when you engage a combination of our team.

Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau specializes in sourcing and securing incredible speaking talent and entertainment acts for any meeting topic, for any type of meeting, and for any audience. 


Anyone can talk. But it takes a unique story, a special charisma to engage and captivate an audience. Our diverse and expansive roster of keynote speakers, entertainment acts, emcees, and moderators contains the best in politics, government, the media, business, sales and marketing, the military, athletics, and technology as well as the personalities behind some of today’s biggest brands and the experts who break down today's biggest stories and current events.

When you book a speaker or entertainment act with the help of Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau, not only do you get the best and brightest talent on your event stage or screen, but you get to experience a stress-free process because our team will take control of the logistics and manage all of the planning details so you can focus on the big picture. We will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that we execute a smooth, seamless, and successful event, and more often than not—you can expect standing ovations and plenty of rave reviews from your audience following your event.


Emotional, memorable, and always accessible—video is today’s most consumed medium. Our team is on the creative edge, obsessive even, diving deep into your business to craft narratives we can bring to life on screen. At LAI Video, we partner those stories with mighty micro-sites and savvy social media enhancements to deliver effective communication campaigns that reach real people and drive real change.


The Advantages of Working Together:

Get the most from your investment—put your talent on video to create:

  • Speaker promo videos that build anticipation
  • Speaker intro videos that highlight the individual's experience and expertise, provide pivotal pre-presentation context while adding excitement and exuding energy
  • Pre-recorded talks that are polished and produced for a seamless virtual or hybrid event experience
  • Post-event speaker recaps for post-event consumption
  • Social media posts and social campaigns that capture your audience's attention and effectively convey your message


For creating attraction, building community, or inspiring change, nothing compares to being there live in-person. But even when in-person isn't an option, delivering a creative, polished virtual or hybrid experience can bring your group together in new and different ways that truly make an impact. We’re experts in putting the life in live events—we’re creative, we're innovative, we’re adventurous, we’re battle-tested. At LAI Live, we build your stage or platform, rig your lights, manage your production, and we are your trusted partners every step of the way to ensure we deliver a stellar event that your audience remembers long after the final curtain.


The Advantages of Working Together:

Expertise + Subject Matter Experts + Seasoned Producers =


Together, the three divisions of Leading Authorities, Inc. create and tell stories for a wide variety of different clients that motivate and move, create connections, spark innovation, inspire action, and drive transformative change. We’ll help you choose the best-fit speakers or entertainers tailored specifically for your group, design and execute a one-of-a-kind experience and deliver a meaningful yet memorable event, and use it all to tell the story of your brand, your cause, your mission, your vision, or your industry through the use of digital channels such as video and social media campaigns that generate likes, comments, shares, and ultimately generate deeper engagement. Learn more about how to begin planning your keynote event here

Individually, each of our divisions goes above and beyond for every single client engagement or project we work on—but when the three divisions of Leading Authorities come together to work with one client, we're an unstoppable and unmatched force and we always impress. See what can happen when you engage a combination of the Leading Authorities, Inc. team today!

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