Dinner with Michael Rogers, Former Commander of US Cyber Command

We are hosted an exclusive dinner with Admiral Michael Rogers on Thursday, October 18th. As you know, Admiral Rogers stepped down from his roles as Director of the NSA and Commander of U.S. Cyber Command in May of 2018.

Over dinner, Adm. Rogers shared an overview of the current threat landscape and discuss the major national security, cyber security, and intelligence questions facing our nation’s leadership. 

During his tenure at the NSA, Admiral Rogers was on the front lines of reacting to Russian meddling in our election. And, as second ever commander of U.S. Cyber Command, he was responsible for growing and leading a combatant force of hackers, analysts, and staffers. His breadth of experience has never been more timely and he offers prized insights for organizations grappling with digital change and the uncertainties it brings.

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