Salon Dinner With Jeff Garten


On Tuesday, March 2nd Leading Authorities hosted a dinner with Jeffrey Garten.

Garten boasted high-level experience in both government and business, as well as deep knowledge in every aspect of the global economic picture. Over the past four decades, Garten has earned just such an unparalleled reputation. His wealth of experience—from the emerging markets of China, Brazil, and India, to the dean’s office at the Yale School of Management, to a decade of teaching graduate students from all over Yale—has made him a hot commodity for organizations whose survival depends on a clear picture of the state of the global economy and the underlying implications of America’s policies.

Without a full picture of the interconnectedness of politics and economics, business leaders cannot truly make informed decisions about the future of their enterprises. Garten looked at the global economic order from several points of view and paints a picture that delivers the most important and relevant insights for his audience.

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