2015 Political Outlook with Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg

On Thursday, November 5, Leading Authorities hosted our signature political event featuring renowned election experts Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg. The duo used poll numbers, economic indicators, historical data, and truly entertaining anecdotes as they captivated the audience at the National Press Club.

The audience was entertained as they were informed, with Cook and Rothenberg both offering reaction and analysis to the elections while simultaneously detailing what it all means for both parties as for the 2016 election. Both Cook and Rothenberg answered questions, weighing in on what is important to those in the room - as well as their industries and associations - while forecasting what we can expect to see in the election.

For decades, Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg have been Washington's most trusted voice on all things political - this political outlook event provides yet another example.

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