Association Lecture Series with Dana Perino


On Thursday, June 25, Leading Authorities, Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted their Association Lecture Series program featuring Dana Perino, political commentator and co-host of Fox's The Five and former White House Press Secretary.

A larger-than-life personality, Dana Perino shared insights and stories in an entertaining look at politics today. Communicating with audiences with the same clarity and precision that gained the respect of the rough-and-tumble White House press corps, her exposure to and time spent interfacing with the media gives her a unique understanding of the spin, the realities, and the ways in which the public is being affected by the current political climate.

During the program Perino addressed what's on the minds of Americans and American politicians, and what organizations need to know about politics as the 2016 elections and other changes approach the political landscape.

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