Breakfast with Harley-Davidson's Ken Schmidt


Leading Authorities was pleased to host an exclusive breakfast event featuring Ken Schmidt, Harley-Davidson’s legendary director of communications. During his presentation, Schmidt shared fascinating stories and strategies on how businesses of any size and scope can – by focusing on understanding and harnessing the most basic drivers of human behavior – improve their competitiveness and build their brand in even the most difficult marketing environments. He challenged the group to consider what their members and customer are saying about them and what they are willing to do today that is different than what they did yesterday,

Schmidt played an active role in one of the most celebrated turnarounds in corporate history - and has spoken to over one thousand audiences around the world. His vision helped transform Harley-Davidson into one of the world's most dominant brands, and his presentations are a fun, high-energy look into what it takes to drive growth by creating a fanatically vocal customer base, a passionately loyal corporate culture, and leaders who inspire and motivate.

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