2021 Events Plan V - The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home


As the world reopens, more groups are focusing on a hybrid model for their meetings moving forward. But one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page for the X's and O's for the hybrid model and the key plays for executing it, including: what does a hybrid model really look like, what's important, and how do you do it?  

At 11am ET on June 24th we held our latest look at virtual and hybrid events, in the fifth installment of 2021 Events Plan V - The Hybrid Homerun: Go Big and Go Home. Our experts stepped up to the plate to answer the top questions about the hybrid event model and why it's an all-star format for now and in the future. 

We drove home all the ways you can create equally immersive and inspiring experiences for your audience – whether virtually or in person.

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