The Changing Face of Work and Leadership

Join us on Wednesday, November 10 at 2 PM EST for a special conversation between two leaders of top brands – Jim Donald and James D. White – as they discuss the changing face of work and leadership during a virtual event. 

Telling stories from their 30-year history and parallel paths leading, transforming, and jumpstarting cultural revolutions at Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Albertsons, Safeway, and more, White and Donald will highlight the leadership traits that are paramount in today’s ever-changing, digital, “I want it now” environment. 

Whether it’s leading from home, hosting tough conversations around critical issues, Zoom fatigue, trusting someone else to pick out your fruit, tele-health, you name it, they’ll discuss how leadership with a strong foundation of a caring, inclusive culture can be the difference-maker for organizations of all sizes, in any industry. 

Blending their insights with questions from the audience, they’ll demonstrate how with the right people making the right environmental, social, and governance decisions, you can create an environment your competitors can’t penetrate.

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This event is sponsored by The Broadmoor-Sea Island Company

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